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Greetings! Thank you so much for spending time on checking out my site. If you are a brand or a PR company that wishes to sponsor a giveaway and for me to make a product review for your products, here’s some of my requirements for collaboration. Product reviews and giveaways are effective way to create interest […]

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Five Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

The indoor air quality in your home isn’t typically something that most people give a lot of thought to. It doesn’t really keep you up at night, nor does it have you stressing out. But here’s the thing, maybe it deserves more attention than you’ve given it in the past? Did you know that poor […]

How to Create the Eco-Friendly Kitchen

In recent years there has been a growing awareness of living a green lifestyle, but did you ever stop to think that green living begins in the kitchen? Most of the environmental hazards and waste we are exposed to in the home on a daily basis can be found in the kitchen, so this should […]

Sustainable Outfits for an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

You’ve ditched the plastic bags, you’ve invested in some energy-efficient appliances, and you recycle wherever possible. What else can you do to ensure green and sustainable living? There are hundreds of ways you can do this and with great sites, to give you ideas on how you can live more sustainably. To really put sustainability […]

Top 17 Ways to Greenify Your Home and Your Life

The threat that climate change poses to our future cannot be underestimated. Burning carbon-rich fossil fuels has changed the atmosphere of the planet and accelerated the natural warming processes our planet was already going through.  In order to try and protect the environment for future generations, more and more people across the globe are looking […]

Shopping For a Condominium: How to Decide If a Condo Is Right for You

Many Americans have their sights set on buying a house. However, there are other options you should keep in mind. For example, many people find living in condos is much more preferable for their lifestyles. You should consider the following to see if you should check out condos for sale in Los Angeles. Do You […]

Green Monday

Sustainability and Ethical Environmental practices

Sustainability and ethical environmental practices are highly important in the marketplace. Customers want to know that your company is doing all it can to reduce your carbon footprint and employ safe environmental practices. There are many ways that you can lower your company’s impact on the earth and run a clean operation. Go Paperless One […]

Staying Beautiful, Naturally this 2015

Staying and keeping oneself beautiful and looking great need not be expensive. As our bodies are exposed to pollution, chemical and sun all the time, ageing prematurely can sometimes happen. Inadequate diet and lack of exercise adds up and leads to damaging our natural body balance. Make-up can hide some of these bad effects and skin treatments can […]

Save and Stay healthy with Reusable Food Pouch for your Kids

Keeping your meals interesting and creatively prepared every time you hit the kitchen consumes a lot of time and effort especially keeping your kids interests is equally as daunting. With the help of reusable food pouch Squeez’Ems, saving time in the kitchen and saving the health of your children knowing that they are consuming healthy foods is now […]

My Green Living Ideas Hippity Easter Giveaway

It’s been a while since my last giveaway and this time, it’s going to be exciting since I’m joining this hop with fellow bloggers.  It’s going to be a huge fun, so make sure to check out my giveaway as well as the others which you can find on the link below. Here’s an exciting […]

Green Health

The Ease Of Having Dental Implants

Many people have an irrational phobia when it comes to dentists, but with modern techniques and procedures, there is nothing to worry about at all. If your teeth have become broken or damaged, or have had to be removed, your dentist will probably suggest having implants as a long-term solution to the problem. If the […]

Neocell Derma Matrix and Glow Matrix Review

Collagen is a natural occurring protein in the body that makes up the most of our skin, hair and nails. It is no surprise that a lot of beauty enthusiasts and people who are really into taking good care of their skin, leaning into using collagen-based products seems to be appropriate nowadays. Although collagen is […]

How to Choose the Perfect Orthodontist to Straighten Your Teeth

Your smile is an asset. It is a gateway to your personality and a sign of your confidence. However, people would sometimes resist smiling and would cover their mouth whenever they laugh due to crooked teeth. Your self-confidence is at the edge whenever you feel embarrassed about your teeth. This is what orthodontists are for. […]

What Can I Do To Enhance My Level Of Health?

These days, millions of people across the globe are realizing that health optimization is more important than ever. In an era where debilitating diseases like diabetes and obesity are on the rise, individuals who want to thrive need to attain knowledge and develop strategies that will help facilitate optimized wellness. Below you will find just […]

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