2011 International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment- GM #32

A beautiful painting from a 13 year old Filipina who won the  2011 International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment .  Trisha Co Reyes beat around 600,000 entries from the recently concluded contest organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

” “My painting shows two sides; a good and sustainable forest and the causes of forest destruction”, said Trisha.”

If a 13 year old have a better view of our current forest and then as adult we should know far better don’t you think? Let’s do our own share to help our forest so we can have a brighter future ahead for our children.

 Thank you so much to my loyal Green Monday Participants.  I really had a grand time visiting your entry! 

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  1. really great painting 🙂

  2. sis, I cannot see the linky.. I refreshed it several times.. pero ganun pa rin.. joining anyway. 🙂

  3. this little girl really deserves to win.. hope we all have the same perspective..

  4. That’s a very beautiful painting. Where can I find bloggers links?

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  5. Wow! Amazing painting from a 13 year old 🙂 I wish everyone will help in making taking care of our environment, especially now na napakadali ng bumaha.

  6. wow, can you imagine….I wish I have talent like that…:)

  7. lovely painting! It’s so inspiring to know that a 13-year-0ld girl can paint such adorable masterpiece..

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