2012 Wish Lists – GM # 44

Each start of the year, we have our wishes and hopes, beside good healthy, lots of love and happiness and abundance, there are things that we wish we can have or own.  Everybody is making their own wishlist, so I thought, why not  make my own, afterall it will be just a lists of your wishes and who knows with patience and perseverance plus hard work, i can fulfill this wishes.

Green Kitchen – I always love to cook .  Although our kitchen is small, i wish that we can be able to finish it’s interior designs.

green kitchen

Bathroom make-over – My goal this year is to have a bathroom make-over, so I can put there my collections of corals. ( I saw this one in the net and it looks very relaxing. )

coral bathroom

Laptop – I have been wishing to have a new laptop since my old got broken.  I’m still thinking if i would try to use fedora, ubuntu, suse, (all this are linux) on it.  I have heard such good things about Linux and i wanted to try it for a change.

dell laptop

So what are the things that comprised your wish lists?

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2012 New Year Hopes


  1. ayay, kung ako lang may powers..wish granted agad sis…ehhehe! type ko yung style nang bathroom…very nice!

  2. Oh i like the green kitchen and the bathroom look cute. Just join…

  3. beautiful and clean rooms is what we loved most as a housewife 🙂 loved the lap top too. Hope all your wishes will come true. My very first time to join this Meme. I hope that you can return a visit too.

  4. It’s beautiful interior design, I love it.

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