GM # 50 3D Sculptures Out of Sewing Buttons

3d Sculptures out of sewing button

When I saw this picture in the net, I thought it’s really worth sharing.  Imagine a thousand sewing buttons chained to make this wonderful creation.  That’s really a work of art and a genius craftsmanship.

3D Sculpture made from Sewing Buttons

Miami-based artist Augusto Esquivel basically arranges different lengths of fishing line in a grid, then carefully strings-in sewing buttons in a variety of different colors to create shapes.

Curious how this was done? I took the liberty of learning it from Ehow.  So, if you are interested to begin your passion on making this beautiful 3D sculptures out of sewing buttons. Go try this procedure.

  • Plan a design for your button. Sketch out its shape. Is it a 3D animal, a dome or something else? Seeing your design drawn out can give you something on which to base your button sculpture.
  • Prepare pieces of polymer clay for sculpting your 3D button by conditioning it. Roll the clay back and forth between your palms until it becomes soft.
  • Sculpt the 3D shape of your choice from the polymer clay using the drawing plans as a basis. Use different colors of clay for the different parts of the button.
  • Create a fastening mechanism for your 3D button. With a pointy clay tool, pierce the button with two holes through which the button may be sewn onto the item of your choice. Alternately, bend a small piece of 22-gauge copper wire into a “U” shape to be stuck through the item’s fabric into the back of your button.
  • Bake the 3D button based on the instructions specified by your brand of clay before attaching it.

    Read more: How to Make a 3D Button |

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  1. wow! this is really amazing indeed! what a creativity and work of art, very impressive 🙂 Visiting from Green Monday.

  2. Gorgeous sculptures from buttons 🙂 Superlike 🙂

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  5. i’ve seen different things decorated with beads but i’ve never seen like these before. usually they use beads on wallets and bags as deco..

    very nice.. so lovely to look at..

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  6. Oh wow! That is so genius. I feel like I want to make a button chandelier or something How awesome! Late visit via MYM.

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