4 Simple Tips for a Fun Filled Spring Cleaning Activity

The aroma of summer and spring is already surrounding us. This sweet and refreshing scent would even feel so great if it is the smell that surrounds our homes. To achieve this, it is definitely time to call upon arms and start spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning can rather be difficult especially for working moms out there. Juggling between  household chores and their daily jobs, plus taking care of the kids, their husband and all that comes with being the women of the house is just physically draining. Busy moms should not worry. There are simple and easy ways on how they can make their spring cleaning duties a pleasurable, memorable and fun experience.

Here are 4 simple tips busy housewives can follow to make their spring cleaning activities truly an enjoyable one.

1. Plan and Prepare

All successful activities are usually executed with a plan. You need to strategize. Set daily or weekly goals and see them progress. Try to clean small areas like the bathrooms on weekdays while big areas like your kitchen and living room should be scheduled for cleaning during the weekends. Create a system to follow when cleaning. Start from the top then go down in the process. Cleaning the ceiling after brushing the floor is definitely a waste of time. Check for supplies. You may have already run out of rags and sprays. Never go to a war without arms.

2. Declutter and Use Bins

It would really be frustrating to finish dusting every figurine you have in your living area only to realize that crayons and pins are stuck in them. Pick the visible “what knots” you intend to throw away before actually doing the detailed and meticulous cleaning. Use different bins to segregate thrash. Recycle if possible.

3. Open Windows

As you clean the house, you would definitely feel tired. Turning on the air condition unit or the electric fan is not advisable. Open your windows wide to allow fresh air to come in and the dusts out. You would definitely love to see your living room sparkling clean while the bright sun casts a reflection inside your home making it sparkle even more.

4. Involve the Family

Busy housewives do not necessarily have to do spring cleaning alone. Involve the family. Designate each family member to clean a specific area. The kids can be assigned to clean their rooms while husbands can take care of the garage or their workshop. The whole family could be assigned to clean the living room to be able to bond together. Challenge every family member to accessorize the area designated to them. Make spring cleaning a friendly competition among family members. In the process, you are also teaching your kids to be responsible.

Make spring cleaning a fun activity to look forward to every summer. Involving your love ones in anything you do makes every activity a truly memorable one.

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