5 Most Romantic Philippines Eco-tourism destination

For someone like us who loves to travel and enjoy the scenic view of nature and marvel on it’s wonder, thinking of having a romantic eco-tourism destination thrills me. There are certain countries that are on my wish lists before i leave this earth but for a patriotic like me, I always want to promote my country first and foremost.

It is always my belief that the Philippines has many things to offer.  Our country is full of beautiful places just waiting for us to rediscover.  It’s really amazing to think of going to the most famous destination on other countries but before you go out, why don’t you first explore what we have in our own and you will definitely say that it is more fun in the Philippines.

Malabsay Falls at Mt. Isarog, Naga City

When we talk about romantic places, Boracay always comes in our mind, it is indeed one beautiful place and worthy of praises and admiration but seeing the crowded beaches and sea shore, i don’t think it’s quite romantic enough.  For me, romantic means to enjoy the beauty of nature without the noise.

In this post, i would love to share with you my Top 5 lists of most romantic Philippines destination that is truly worth visiting and indeed worthy to be promoted and included on this list is my wishes that I may be able to visit them before I grow old, so I can enjoy the beauty to  the fullest.

1. Palawan:  Palawan will always be first in my list.  Given with a beauty beyond compare. Palawan is a place for romantic lovers and ultimate family bonding.  If you just want to enjoy walking on the pristine sand, location0 of one of the 7 wonders of nature (Underground River), sumptuous foods . It is indeed a nature sanctuary.

Palawan – Beauty beyond compare

 2. Bataan :  Away from the busy life in the metro.  Just looking at the picture makes me feel the tranquility i have always imagined. Looking at the calm sea with the water rushing in your feet and the view of the distant mountains, it’s just a perfect location for a romantic movie and for a movie addict like us, it’s a dream come true.

img via net

 3. Siquijor :  Siquijor was a small province but rich in different tourist spots. There are many  eco-tourism destination that you and your couple would enjoy. i just don’t know what will happen after the lights are off.


4.  Caramoan: If your coming to south, come to Cam Sur and enjoy the white sand of caramoan.  Although, going in groups are really nice but enjoying your day with family and friends would be more wonderful. Just a precautions, there are many different rocks that may severe your feet but all in all, you will really have a great time here.

Caramoan – Cam Sur

5.  Cebu – known as the queen city of the south. Cebu is indeed one beautiful place and a perfect getaway for those who are newly weds.  Badian island Resort is a place with breathtaking natural beauty.  Dubbed as green resort, this island is indeed a perfect get-away.

Badian Island Resort

  Enjoy the hidden beauty of the Philippine Island and be a responsible traveler. This 5 most romantic philippines eco-tourism destination is based from my thoughts, what about yours?

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