5 Unique Ideas To Customize Your Garden Shed

The more you consider customizing your shed to suit your needs, the more time you are going to want to spend in there when it becomes a reality. You can make your shed perfect for your requirements, both inside and out, with the below unique ideas.

  • Make Some Space Overhead

Have you ever heard of a gambrel roof? It is a style that dates all the way back to the early Dutch settlers in American colonies. The style of the barns actually makes for ample headspace in garden sheds thanks to the double-sloped edges or sides. You may choose to leave the area completely open, adding a window or skylight to bring in natural light if you’re using your shed as a craft room, wood shop, or art space. Or, if you’re looking for maximum storage, add a few loft boards to create a makeshift attic.

  • Use Aesthetically-Pleasing Materials That Work Well

Garden sheds from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings offer genuine craftmanship complete with smooth textures and finishes and exceptional styles that can be customized. You can enhance the inside of your shed to match the stunning exterior and ensure you also protect the shed from termites and rot.

  • Tailor Your Storage

Drawers, shelves, and a range of other storage components can be used to address the purpose of your garden shed. Perhaps you need hanging racks for bicycles and other sports gear? Maybe you require ceiling-height shelving to keep your seasonal decorations out of the way? Vertical compartments work well to store long gardening tools like hoes and rakes, whereas a wall-hung holster will put power tools within neat and easy reach. You may even want to consider a fold-down work table or perhaps a work bench complete with roll-out cabinets below it? Making sure that all your stuff has a storage place can free up plenty of floor space so you can move around effortlessly.

  • What about Cupola?

Cupola is the Italian word for a small cup. But, in this sense, it is a decorative roof addition complete with louvered sides, a cap, and a base. Cupolas are usually available in a range of shapes, but most commonly come in octagonal or square, and make for an attractive focal point. However, there are also functional benefits. For example, the vents allow air into the shed and help with ventilation. Cupolas may also come with windows that let in natural light that is perfect for finding stored items or working in your shed.

  • Why Not Add a Pergola?

This is an open outdoor canopy that may increase the usable space on the side of your shed. The pergola actually creates a partial shed for a dinning or seating area or provides a framework for espaliers, twining vines, and a range of other foliage. What’s more, there are a load of different pergola styles for you to choose from, so you could leave open or add latticework along the sides or even drape the pergola with fabric to open or enclose the space as you wish.

There are loads of different ways to customize your shed and you can easily allow your imagination to run wild.


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