7 Unique Indoor Uses for Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is maintenance-free and has the ability to look great no matter what time of year. While it’s often used in a backyard or other outdoor setting, it also has some amazing and unique uses indoors. The following are 8 ways you can decorate your indoor space using artificial grass.


Inside Putting Green

So many homeowners are conscious about the environment and what products they can use that will enhance the level of health indoors. If you’re looking to keep your outdoor lawn green and disease resistant, you may have resorted to pesticides and other toxic chemicals to boost its appearance. More and more homeowners are relying on artificial grass outdoors because it’s colorful, low-maintenance and cared for without a lot of mess. You can bring that same brilliant color to the indoors by designing your own artificial turf putting green. Simply decide on an area where you would like to place the green and drill a hole. When done, measure the area for the grass and secure in place. In a few easy steps, you can enjoy your very own indoor golfer’s paradise.

Play Areas

One of the best things about artificial turf is that it’s soft and non-toxic. This makes it the perfect addition to a children’s indoor play area. Because kids can be rough on materials such as carpet, wood and tile, the artificial grass is the ideal surface for them to play with friends. Professional artificial grass installers can carpet an entire room, similar to what you would do with carpet. If you only want the grass in certain areas, they can designate an area for softer play.

Cover Furnishings

Your home furnishings say a lot about your personality. They can also enhance your comfort as you lounge around indoors. If you’re looking for a unique and decorative way to jazz up your furnishings, artificial grass looks great covering your chairs, loveseats and couches. Simply use your imagination to create the perfect look. Purchase enough material and place the turf around your pieces of furniture. When done, the grass can be stapled or glued in place. If you have older furnishings, this is an excellent way to refurbish the items without spending a lot of money.

Attach to Walls

Artificial grass doesn’t have to stay limited to your floors and outdoor space. You can bring it indoors to create a cool look to the walls of your home. You can also add the grass and make your bar area a fun and memorable place to visit. Attach the grass to a piece of cardboard and attach to the wall. It’s also easy to cut, so it can be sized to fit unique spots of your home.

Indoor Porch

Places in the home such as a covered porch may have people continuously coming in and going. If you’ve tried rugs and other materials, they may look worn and dirty over time. Artificial grass is sturdy and solid enough for areas of traffic in the home that are heavy. The color also brightens your indoor space no matter what season. Similar to how you would lay carpet, the artificial grass can line the interior of your front or back porch. You can also pair the turf with colorful walls that will remind you of the great outdoors.

Display Your Wares

Businesses are another option where artificial turf can come into play. Whether you have a convention or special company celebration, the grass can be the backdrop for displaying merchandise. As a fun touch to your showroom booth, the artificial turf can attract customers and visitors with its brightly colored hue. Using a staple gun, and the cut grass, you can drape booths, tables and other display cases with the unique material. If you host your event annually, it’s durable enough to be used again and again.

Sports Arenas

One of the most popular avenues for using artificial grass is in an indoor sports arena. Because real grass is so hard to maintain indoors because of the lack of light, artificial turf is extremely popular is so many indoor sports settings. With a layer of sand and material to help tack the turf down, it can be quickly readied to play on after it’s been put in place.

Artificial grass is brilliantly colored and versatile. While most people find the material popular for outdoor use on patios and in place of lawns, you’ll find just as many wonderful uses for the artificial turf indoors as well.

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