A green idea to start on the year of the Snake

The busy days are over and now we have to go back to the reality and hope for a brighter future/year toward us.  Another year had passed, some of you felt that it was a good year but for some it was definitely a hard time but whatever 2012 had brought us, staying positive and cheerful would always bring good things even in the worst times.

Our world is indeed changing and the effects of global warming has been showing and felt not just in our country but in many parts of the world and if we don’t do our little share today, we are indeed risking our future.

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here’s an e-greeting from my family to yours ūüėČ

I have heard someone say, “his life is already full of problems and trials and joining this advocacy to help the environment is already beyond his hands after all he has many more important things to do with his life” , ¬†some even say that the green advocacy is just a way of politicians and organizations tactics to gain popularity and growth on their organization.

Yes,  we all know how the politics works but it would be a sad thought if the advocacy of green living would be used for their own purposes, helping our environment is a serious matter and I do hope that it would be taken seriously and not just to gain for their own popularity.

I hope this year would be a year for us to do our share, even if that is from a very simple way on conserving energy, water or electricity at home, ¬†doing the 3R’s or using less plastic, even if it is simple or small the impact is still big.

Now, i leave you a good quote from Albert Einstein,¬†“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ~

Have a Prosperous New Year to All!

Cut your utility bills by using less energy
A Green New Year Greetings


  1. bobby tende says

    happy new year to you too and to your family .

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