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Today, we celebrate a very important day.  It’s a day to give thanks to our Dear Mom. I may never had the same feeling of having my own mother beside me and yes this is one time of the year when i envy others because they post pictures of them with their moms or they can give a loving thought about them but even if i could not do it , I am very grateful for having one and for knowing her after several years of longing.

There are many gifts that we can give our mom’s this special Mother’s Day but before choosing one, make sure that we are not forgetting the one special mother, Our Mother Earth.  My daughter ask me, why is the earth called Mother, is she a girl?    Well, maybe your children have asked you that question too.  I wonder what you answered?

Maybe, the best near answer I can give is,  “It was called Mother Earth,  because of it’s life giving nature and nurturing which is just like what mother is all about.

The word nature comes from the Latin word, natura, meaning birth or character.

Green Mother's Day to all Moms

I may have not experienced a true love and caring of a mother but being blessed with two adorable kids.  I am grateful for learning the true essence of being one.


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  1. Just joined this week’s meme.

    BTW belated Happy Mom’s Day to you sis, you are still pretty as ever

  2. Belated Happy Mothers Day to u sis! i hope u had a good one. love your photo here. u look so free. =)

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, sis! Hope you had a blast on our day! 🙂

  4. Jessica Cassidy says

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day Sis
    🙂 Dropping by from Green Monday. I love the picture too.

  5. happy mother’s day! 🙂

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  6. Marilet I. Estrella says

    Have a very wonderful day……..
    Love so much your entry pix.
    So pretty mom indeed

  7. Jessica Cassidy says

    nature’s view is always pretty Sis 🙂 Dropping by from Wednesday Whites

  8. belated happy mom’s day, sis! your smile tells it all! you are one blessed mom. thanks for joining WW!

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