A Healthy Treat – Bicol’s Favorite Laing #CTWW

For this week Healthy Monday, Green Leafy Monday or even for those who follow Meatless Monday programs, this is another one leafy food for everyone.

I have already posted this dish on my other site months ago but I would love to share this for my readers on this blog.

Laing is always favored by many Bicolanos. Majority of the people knows how to cook them and restaurants and small eatery had their own version of laing.

Although it was very easy to make, right procedure is needed so that you will achieve the saucy texture without the itchiness in your taste bud. Being raised in Manila, I am not fond of dishes that is cooked in coconut milk (guinataan), I prefer dried dishes or with soup but when I married a Bicolano, the first thing I needed to learn (of course beside learning the dialect ) is their favorite spicy guinataan dishes, spicy is out of the question because my father is half Bicolano and we both love spicy foods but dishes cooked in coconut milk is one thing I have to learn.

So, I have to ask new found friends and relatives on the right procedure and to let them share with me their well kept techniques and secret. Everybody had something to share and of course at first, you will never get it right even if you have followed the basic procedure but as time and years goes by, you will surely know it from the heart.

1 plastic Dried Gabi leaves
4 cups of coconut milk (1st and 2nd wash)
2 tablespoon of oil
1 small ginger ( chopped and minced)
1 small garlic (minced)
1 small onion (chopped)
7 pcs hot pepper (siling haba) red and green (you have the options to add or lessen the hot pepper depends on your taste buds.
Black Pepper and salt to taste


healthy laing

In a large pan, pour 2nd washed coconut milk, add garlic and onion, ginger and sili, bring them to boil.  Stir occasionally so that the coconut milk will not (magbuo-buo).

Add your Dried gabi leaves and make sure that you cooked them in a low fire.

Pour gradually some coconut milk (first wash).  Put the sili and stir a little bit until a saucy texture is achieved. Make sure not to stir hard because your laing might become over cooked and become itchy on your tongue.

Serve your  Laing with lots of love. See my Adorable Peachy with this dish. That’s one treat for every vegan lover out there.

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  1. Ai Juice Koh, pinagutom mo ako sis wahhhhh.. I miss laing!

    Visiting from Mandarin Orange Monday.

  2. This looks very good with a nice combination of flavors. I have never seen gabi leaves in my area of the United States … is there something we could use as a substitute? Perhaps another type of “greens” like collard greens, spinach, etc.? Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  3. I have now learnt two new words – “laing” and “gabi”! Love the first photo showing the arrangement of food ready to cook!

  4. That looks very tasty

  5. Beautiful capture. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ YACB

  6. Thank you for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday 2. You are one of the many special people who make this meme a success. Hope to see you again next week!

    Magical Mystical Teacher

    Ruby Desert Blossoms

  7. Lori @LorikArt says

    Looks very aesthetic as well as being healthy! Thank you for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  8. I have always loved laing but never attempted to cook it myself. This post has inspired me to consider cooking this sometime. 🙂

  9. I really love Bicol express. But I have never tried preparing it yet. I dunno, I just wanna buy what is prepared in the resto. LOL If I visit you sis, you prepare this for me ha 😀 teehee

  10. Siram!!!! I always cook two batches – one that is dry and oily which my husband loves, and other that has more coconut milk which my boy loves. I also line the pot with pork fat which adds flavor to te dish.

  11. Looks yummy but i havent tried laing Pa;)

  12. laing is one of my favorite veggie dish!

  13. I so miss Laing!! There is a restaurant in our city owned by a Bicolano and I remember always ordering this whenever we are there! I haven’t seen anything like this here in Thailand, though. Thanks for sharing and for making me drool! Haha! Visiting from WW, sis!

  14. laing is one of my faves but i won’t even dare try cooking it since i do not really know how. i’ve bookmarked your post, mars, hopefully i’d muster enough courage to try out the recipe one day! thanks for sharing:)

  15. redlane geraine says

    wow, that looks so delicious sis. i almost want to go out and look for cooked laing in the carinderias here. laing is also one of my favorite food but i dare not cook that because i’m scared i won’t get it right. kudos to you, sis!

  16. pin it, will try to cook thanks for the recipe, looks yummy!

  17. I’m always called the fake Bicolana for not liking spicy stuff including the laing! lol! My partner teases me mercilessly about cooking Laing for him one time, but I really don’t know how. Thanks for your recipe, maybe I can surprise him with authentic Laing for dinner soon 🙂

  18. one of my husband’s favorite dish, i will try to cook this for him.

  19. I just had laing last night 🙂 Brought by my mom from Bicol 🙂

  20. Tagal ko na di nakakain nito!! Makapag luto nga one of these days.

  21. that looks delish Sis and it makes me hungry too 🙂 Dropping by from last weeks Wednesday Whites 🙂

  22. Lily Kwan says

    This recipe looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

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