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Just like many others, I wanted a wallet that can fit all my cards and my handy cash on hand but sometimes with all the stuff i have inside it, it can become bulky and most of the time, i have to get a separate wallet for cash and another one for cards alone.

Well, i’m lucky this time since I get a chance to know about this #WorldsThinnestWallet .  I have always love the idea of eco-friendly product and of course something that makes my life more easier and comfortable.

This Eco Original Wallet is great for men since it will not give a feeling of bulkiness on their pants but it doesn’t mean that this would not be good for ladies.  The combination of soft, supple leather and rip-stop nylon makes for a fashionable, thin wallet that every woman would definitely want on their bag especially if your just using small purses.

Amazingly, this wallet can hold up to 24 cards with cash inside it but still remains as thin as it is. Made of  a SoftTech nylon interior with a  soft supple feel and lasting durability which means your wallet will definitely have a long life.

Here’s an interesting facts about the wallet which you can read at All-ett mechanics of thin;

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the water resistant polyester material has a canvas like texture to it. The thermo-plastic polyester is derived from broken down fragments of plastic bottles. Similar to our SoftTech Nylon the cross pattern stitch makes the EcoThin material virtually tear-proof. The rip-stop polyester is super lightweight and quick to dry.

Now, interesting isn’t it?


 Here’s how it looks with cards and money inside 🙂


Check them out on Facebook today or better purchase your very own World’s Thinnest Wallet!

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  1. Amber Ludwig says

    This looks so great!! I’m always up to supporting echo friendly products! Bonus that it’s smaller!! Hubby’s old one was so bulky. Annnd it may have had coffee spilled on it this weekend lol…. So he’s up for a new one! Ilk recommend this!!

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