Why Aluminium Louvres Make Great Privacy Screens for Your Home

Privacy is one of the most important factors to consider on any new home build or renovation project. While the idea is to create a beautiful exterior we can be proud of, it’s equally important that the interior of our property and our lives within are protected from prying eyes. Thankfully, with aluminium louvres, we can achieve the best of both worlds.

When it comes to privacy screens, the louvre design is easily one of the most popular. Besides looking great, the fact that they are able to be opened to varying degrees when total privacy isn’t required and/or the homeowner would like to enjoy the outside view and light, is an indispensable advantage. And while this isn’t the sole advantage of louvres in general, the list becomes even longer when looking specifically at the aluminium version. Whether in the guise of smaller units for your windows or a larger panel type to shield an entire section of your home, here are a few of the top reasons you should consider aluminium louvres.

High strength

Aluminium’s strength-to-weight ratio is excellent. This strength means that your louvres will be durable and long lasting. Of course, privacy and security go hand in hand – so this strength is integral in preventing intruders and petty thieves from breaking into an aluminium louvre window, for example, as opposed to ones with plastic or glass louvres.


This same ratio means that a louvre with the strength we need won’t be prohibitively large or heavy. With most woods, for example, an equally strong louvre would be bulky and too heavy to be viable.


To operate as a privacy screen, the louvres must naturally prevent those outside seeing in. Aluminium’s total opacity achieves this to a tee.

Rust resistant

Chances are your privacy screen will be coming into contact with outside air and the elements.

Aluminium’s corrosion resistance is excellent – and while it’s reduced in alloys, many inexpensive treatments are available that allow alloys to mimic this property of pure aluminium.

Easily coated

Speaking of treatment, aluminium is excellent at accepting different types of coatings. This doesn’t only apply to protective coatings – it also means the aesthetic options are endless. Powder coating can be painted to match your house, or finished in a style of your choice. For example, wooden louvres are lovely, but regardless of treatment would certainly see some degradation after a while. Is there an alternate option? Choose aluminium timber look louvres and enjoy a far longer lasting privacy screen with the look you desire.


Aluminium’s fantastic strength-to-weight ratio is as a result of its relative low density. For this same reason, it can be easily manipulated into nearly any shape or style desired. Far from being limited to equally size rectangular louvres, a customer can order their privacy screen in a custom design.

Lowers noise

Unlike a more porous material such as wood, aluminium louvre screens that are somewhat sealed will help prevent noise getting in or out.

Help regulate temperature

Another advantage when used in a more sealed type application is aluminium’s ability to keep heat and cold in or out as desired. Naturally, this results in lower heating and cooling costs.

Environmentally friendly

The aforementioned lower heating/cooling costs translate into less energy use. 100% recyclable, it can be repurposed many times over – all the while keeping its invaluable properties.

More versatile than ever

Technological advances have made aluminium louvres an even more attractive choice. Go ahead and request that glass east facing wall – not only will you be able to install a fully motorized privacy screen, now your louvres can be automatic as well and open or close to varying degrees depending on the amount of sunlight. And while the thermal expansion of aluminium is negligible except for in the hottest of locales, you can set your mind at ease even if you live in sweltering Marble Bar by using aluminium alloy louvres that boast a higher heat tolerance.

With their strength and durability along with being incredibly versatile and surprisingly green, aluminium louvres are undoubtedly an excellent choice for incorporating the perfect privacy screen into your home’s design.

Dave Ward is the owner of Awards Fencing, specialists in timber look aluminium louvres for residential and commercial properties.

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