An apple a day- Benefits of Green Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  It’s a phrase that my grand mother always quoted.  When, I was young, i always prefer other fruits rather than apple but when i had learned the benefits you can get from it, it’s another story.

There are many varieties of apple, yellow, green and the most popular one is the red apple.  We all know that red apples are sweet , delicious and full of vitamins but did you know that green apple in terms of health benefits are far better?

It is known to cure diarrhea, constipation especially in children and the fiber that it provides can help you to have a regular bowel movements.

Because of it’s healthy benefits, it give our stomach more satisfaction, so it’s a good food for those who are on a diet because we don’t need to eat more often.  Moreover the benefits of green apple are a very good food for those who are suffering bad cholesterol.  Because of the high levels of fiber it had, it can reduce cholesterol.   It’s best for reducing your weight and living a healthy green life.

If your a kind which is very particular with your skin and beauty, the benefits of green apples which contains vitamins A, B, and C and E can help you whiten your skin thus achieving a glowing skin.

Green apples are a great help for those who are experiencing liver and digestive problems. It is also good for those people who suffers from rashes and other form of skin diseases.  Because of it’s great benefits , clinical studies shows that it can help prevent various forms of cancer as well as to prevent DNA damage because of it’s antioxidants.

Many of us thinks eating red apple is good for the health, yes, it is indeed true but green apple is far more healthy.  Enhancing memory, curing rheumatism and giving us a clean teeth and preventing  gallstones which I suffer right now.

Because of my current situation, eating apples are part of my daily diet and I should strictly abide to eat to help me lessen those stones from my gallbladder.

With this long list of benefits of green apple, would you eat it now?


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  1. I’m not too fond of green apples, but with these benefits, I’ll make sure to eat them more often.. ^^

  2. I didn’t know that green apples are healthier than the red ones. Thanks for the info.

  3. i love red apples. my blockmates when I was in college knew that. I knew that green apples are much healthier than red ones but I find it pricey for my daily addiction. haha. 🙂

  4. My daughter and I ate apple eaters :). and my 21 month old son is also starting to like it. i also have gallstones. I prefer munching red apples than drinking apple juice :D. I tried green apples few times already.

  5. Love the apples :). My husband loves to eat the green apples while my little boy loves the red Fuji Apples. We always have stock in the ref. because my son usually eat this when he does not like the rice meal.

  6. Wow! I didn’t know green apples have these health benefits. Yes, I’ll sure consider buying green apples next time. 🙂

  7. Tetcha Figuerres says

    I often have high levels of bad cholesterol because it’s in my genes (we have a family history of this). Now that I know that green apples can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body, then I’ll make it a daily habit to eat green apples from now on.

  8. Good to know that greean apples have more benefits because my son loves green more than red apples. Red apples actually has more sugar because it’s obviously sweeter than green apples. I’ve never seen yellow apples though her in the Philippines

  9. Oh wow! I always prefer the red apples but now I want to try the green one. I started to include apple since I was diagnosed with bad cholesterol. thanks for the useful info here.

  10. I love green apples as they are quite delicious and satisfying. I have also been advised to eat them due to my tendency to develop kidney stones.

  11. Green apples are yummy, they may not be as sweet as the red ones but they provide the same health benefits.

  12. Hubby and daughter love green smith apples but I prefer the red or white ones.

  13. I love apples whatever color it is.I like it because of satiety feeling..

  14. hhhmmmm! didn’t know that green apple has more benefits than red. well as far as i know each colors regardless if its vegetables or fruits, each has functions and contributes nutrients to our body. We are actually advice to eat all the colors vegetables and fruits.

  15. Green apples– they were actually my best partner in my two pregnancies. They helped in treating my heartburn and they were good replacement of a green mango which I don’t have here! 🙂

    Great information shared!

  16. Momgen Reviews says

    Hubby likes all types of apples. The other day he bought the green ones, yesterday the yellow, and today we have red apples…They are good for you..

  17. Jessica Cassidy says

    The family prefers red apple Sis but with the benefits of eating green apple, my taste has change 🙂

  18. The green or Granny Smith apple are also good to make apple pies as what I’ve read from most recipe book. Anyways, great to know more about its health benefits. The more that I like to eat them now 🙂

  19. There are a lot of wonderful benifits we can get from eating green apples. I like snacking on them in the afternoon with some peanut butter because that way I don’t feel guilty about eating something. Good snack for someone who does not want to gain more weight. 🙂 It is a kind of snack that you can eat and helps your figure as well. 🙂 Love it!

  20. this is nice. next time i go to the grocery, i’d surely pick the green ones.

  21. I thought apples regardless of color have the same benefits, now I will try to eat green apples more often than red 🙂

  22. I didn’t know the benefits of green apple until I read this. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  23. I know of the great benefits of eating apple but I just don’t like it. But I damn well made sure that the offspring eats it everyday. 😀

  24. I love green apples better than the delicious looking red ones. Though my fave are the winter apples (not so pure red)

    But in the Philippines consumers have to be careful in patronizing chinese apples because they put preservatives in the apples so that they won’t rot quick.

  25. I just bought three green apples for a dessert recipe this week. Glad to know this!

  26. As long as it is sweet and crisp I wouldn’t mind if it’s green or red 🙂

  27. I am not fond of apples as a whole fruit, but I love it in shake or juice form. 😛 I just don’t like how it leaves a coating of some sort over my teeth. 😛 hehe

  28. This is perfect! I love green apples! My favorite!

  29. Very Good Review and I Love Green Apples. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  30. rochelle haynes says


  31. Donna George says

    I love love LOVE green apples. No wonder 🙂 Great that I already love them, and need to keep them in my diet

  32. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    My grandmother and my parents all quoted that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I knew apples were good for you but I never much cared for them. I did not know that they were good to keep your weight down – as I am overweight, I am definitely going to try them. If I make my own juice would the juice (with added pulp) be as good? Would I reap the same benefits? If not, I will take up eating them – I can tolerate taking my medicine. lol

  33. Bobby Tarumi says

    Next time I buy apples they shall all be green ones!

  34. Kyaw Sein says

    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Surely it must be green apple

  35. had no idea the green apples were better for a lot of things than the red apples.

  36. jennifer mcdonald says

    i had no idea what green apples could help with skin issues. gonna have to go out and buy be a huge bag of green apples now.

  37. i eat em everyday, no joke

  38. Apples contain pectin, what do you think ‘keopectate’ is – I always peel and eat apples or give them to my kids if they have diarrhea.

  39. Karen Glatt says

    I did not know that Green Apples are more healthy than red apples. I like green apples and will make sure to get these in the future. Wow, green apples are good for so many things, and it is good for your digestion. I will have to remember this.

  40. natalie nichols says

    I love green apples and I never knew that they were healthier than red! This has been interesting!

  41. ANNAMARIA says

    great fact i love green apples.

  42. md kennedy says

    My husband and I are trying to cut back on added sugar in our diets, so we have been eating green apples for dessert every night. I was reading today (Mother Jones ) as well about how the green apple is a great source of pre-biotics – the biotics that feed the probiotics that keep our guts healthy.

  43. I like green apples, but prefer ones that are crisper like Empire or Matsu Apples. About 10 years ago, I learned from a book that sniffing green apple essential oil makes your body think you’ve already eaten and thus decreases your appetite and cravings.

  44. Peggy Greco says

    I have always used green apples for cooking, but will try to use them other nutritional ways, also.

  45. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    I had no idea that the different colors of Apples had different vitamins and that some were far better than the others.

  46. Kelly Powell says

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  47. John Hutchens says

    I thought all apples were the same nice to know green apples are healthier


  49. I feel like jump into the car and go buy them right now.

  50. Romana Harris says

    I knew there was a reason I lived them so much!

  51. Susan Johnson says

    I did not know that green apple was good for getting rid of gall stones. I have had trouble for years, been to doctors who say they see nothing, but I’ve even had stones pass, and get occasional pain from it. I would love to remedy this by eating green apples!

  52. I see articles about the benefits of all kinds of fruit but this is the first on the Green Apple. I had no idea one apple had more health benefits than the others. I know recipes seem to call for different varieties and I assume it is because of the taste or texture. I don’t have any of the health problems you listed except that I am trying to loose weight so I will grab a few green apples at the store.

  53. Robin Wilson says

    Guess we got a bonus by being picky when it comes to apples. We only like granny smith apples here at home so that is what we eat all the time. I have no idea that one apple would be better for you than another but just love this information! Thank you so much.

  54. annie page says

    Well after reading your review on gree apples you have made me a fan of them. Green will be the only ones I will buy now. I appreciate you telling about the benefits of green apples Thanls

  55. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I love apples and have always preferred the green ones anyway….I like the bit of tartness

  56. Karen Glatt says

    I love eating all kinds of apples because I know that they are healthy. Green apples I really like because of their tartness, and they really are the best tasting. I eat an apple just about every day!

  57. Richard Hicks says

    Interesting that green ones are better than red. As the old saying goes ….apple a day keeps doctors away

  58. Kanwal Grewal says

    I like green apples sometimes, but not always, I guess like others I like red ones more.

  59. I love apples. I did not know green ones are better then the other color ones

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