An Eco-friendly Lent

Eco-friendly ways and ideas goes for the whole year and lent is no exception.  It is actually a great time to practice green ideas and ways to live a sustainable life.

Lent season is very important for catholic people and did you know that during this time while we are reflecting for the benefit of our souls, we can also help our environment to be a better place to live in with some of our Lent rituals.  There are lots of things that we can give up during Lent that can  be a big help to the environment;

Eat Sustainable and Healthy Food – This is the time of year that we can be serious with our diet. Beside the thought of fasting, eating healthy vegetable meals are a great way to start a healthy habit. While staying away on pork and meats, there are vegetables and sea foods which are harvested sustainably.  There are many healthy Lenten recipe that you can found in the net.


Walk, walk, walk –  Isn’t this a way of penance?  I believe that walking barefooted is a part of Philippine way of doing penance.  I remember my childhood days where I take part of Senakulo.  There is also Visita Iglesia, wherein you pay a visit to different churches.  Walk your way on this activities and see the savings for your gasoline but also the impact it can create to the environment by not contributing to air pollution.


Conserve Energy – During Lent season, we are all encouraged to pray. It is not just encouragement but our duty.  Instead of consuming your time watching television shows, isn’t it a great time to pray and learn more about ourselves?  While praying, you can turn off that lights.  If you must use computers, set a time to stop and relax and while relaxing, make sure to turn your computer into sleep mode so as to lesser the demands of electricity.



The weight of celebrating Lent season while observing it with religious reason is also a great time to help our environment.  Personal sacrifices that leads to sustainable living and practicing brighter green ideas was indeed a great Lent promise that we can send to the one that made the big sacrifice for us all.  Just as it was, a life of less is more leisurely, a little less expensive and a little less heavy on consuming Earth’s resources thus reducing carbon footprint.

visita iglesia

Stones, color and symbolism
Eco-bags on the move


  1. Even on regular days, your tips will come in very handy.

  2. Lent season is like living with Christ from the past because it encourages us to live a simple life, and to have sacrifices (even just a little) as Christ have sacrificed much for us.

  3. Once we get accustomed to doing these things, they can be done effortlessly and with much enjoyment.

  4. I guess it’s a time to recharge as well and take time to meditate on blessings in life.

  5. I have not tried walking barefoot to a church, and I would love to try it this Season of Lent.

  6. Diary ni Gracia says

    this time around let us all put aside everything that bothered us, or get away from our comfort zone, from favorite things to do, food to eat and everything. .. let us all celebrate this victory. . .

  7. I agree with doing all of these things… I like running so much what more walking.. especially early in the morning

  8. I super agree with this “CAMPAIGN”. It is a sort of a campaign for me, we can do this everyday. If we do this we are taking part of preserving our MOTHER EARTH.

  9. Doing these activities may not only enrich our soul but make our mind activated all the time.

  10. Sarah JEan Gavile says

    I definitely agree with you, it’s really worth the effort to walk our way to every churches we visit. We did it on our visita iglesia at Cebu.

  11. Nice tips, lahat ng nabanggit ay dapat maging practice kahit regular na araw. Dilang tayo makakatulong sa kapaligiran kundi mas magiging malusog pa ang ating pangangatawan.

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