Angry Birds Madness – GM # 33

Everybody is getting gaga over this new game, Angry Birds.  But first,  I should know what is it all about;

    “Angry Birds, is a puzzle video game created by a Finnish game developer Rovio Mobile and it was first release for Apple in 2009.  So, it means that it was created for Android operating system. The main idea of the game is launching birds in a slingshot to target pigs.  In just span of two year, the game was already had a thousands downloads”

Now, I know.  When, I first heard this game, i really thought, that it was made by a Chinese programmer because i have seen in television that they had just made a real angry birds set in China.  So, i thought the game originated from there.

Honestly speaking, i still have not tried the game and I don’t have plans in the near future to try it. Why? Because, I don’t want to be addicted on it just like the thousand of people who played it each passing day.

Angry Birds Cake

The success of Angry Birds is really overwhelming.  Now, you can buy shirts, bags, wallets, notebooks, stuff toys, slippers, laptop sleeves, shorts, books, baby stuffs, mugs, kitchen utensils,  accessories, cookies, cakes, name it and they have it. I guess, they might be a panty of angry birds printed on it. (LOL) Funny, but it’s probably true.  Ohh, i need to google it for you 🙂   I could not find a panty but look what I have found!

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  1. haha..this is true, the world is going crazy about angry birds, u can see it in balloons, bags and other kids’ stuffs..but i was surprised to see that undergarments with angry birds design..hahaha!!!

    making my daily visit!!!

  2. Funny! i just can’t imagine myself wearing an underwear with an angry bird print on it hehhehe. Looks cute though, i think it would be fun. Great for teenager’s swimsuit. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog.


  3. it is surely a phenomenon. my 2 kids have shirts with angry birds as prints. and they were playing it at their lappies:)

  4. Thats a nice looking angry bird cake, love it

  5. i’\m back sis to share my green living ideas

  6. hahaha! very innovative – a green angry bird cake 🙂

    My Third Eye

  7. hahhaha…that is totally cute!

  8. Angry Birds are really everywhere…my husband is one of those that were addicted to the game lol!

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