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Today, almost everyone is trying to “go green.” Whether it is something as simple as recycling or as involved as redoing all the plumbing to go low-flow, there are steps all of us can take. This includes larger buildings such as shopping centers, office spaces and apartment complexes.

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These multi-tenant buildings are well suited for helping the environment by going green. Imagine learning that those high-rise Las Vegas apartments apartments or those Denver lofts are functioning as energy-efficient buildings. However, the energy demands of these types of buildings are different from single-family homes.

Going GreenMany owners of these types of buildings are trying to become more environmentally friendly — for environmental reasons. They are also aware that their renters and clients wish a more eco-friendly type of building. Many potential clients are looking for green buildings and it has been found that green buildings have fewer vacancies and can attract renters more easily.

New builds and construction of multi-tenant buildings are much easier to go green, as the energy-saving technology can be installed during construction. This comes in the form of newer insulation technology, greener heating and cooling units and energy transfer units.

Older Buildings

However, even older buildings can embrace this forward-thinking movement. Buildings can be easily retrofit with such energy-saving technology as solar heating panels, solar panels for electricity production and wind turbines. Since a great deal of this type of technology can be installed on rooftops, this reduces any disruptions that may occur with internal building construction.


If you are an owner of an apartment building or a multi-tenant office building there are several advantages of turning your buildings into environmentally friendly spaces. As stated previously, the allure of a green building will be a draw for potential clients. Most people understand that high rents also come with the green features, so this is actually not a negative factor.

There are also tax advantages to going green. There are federal government incentive programs set up that help owners install green energy systems such as solar systems and wind turbines. There are also many local government programs designed to provide incentives. Additionally, federal tax regulations allow for the depreciation of these systems for additional tax advantages.

Simply put, many of the past objections of buildings going green are no longer valid. Whether you are a potential tenant or a building owner, it is in your best interests to become environmentally friendly.

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