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Pawikan , or the marine turtle are one of the sea reptiles that lives for million of years now.  Scientific evidence shows that there species have been swimming the world’s ocean for atleast 100 million years but studies also shows that their existence is now being  jeopardized by human.

There are seven types of sea turtles in the world and to date, six of this types are now in the red list or what they called endangered species.  It is so sad to think that this 100 million years sea turtle will someday become extinct and nowhere to be found.

Many countries in the world have created their own advocacy to preserve this little giant of the sea. There are many passionate green advocate that have offered their life , their time, effort and even their own money just to save the sea turtles.  But this effort is not enough without the help of many people and the continuous awareness for those who until now is still the cause of destroying the sea turtles.

Here in the Philippines,  the government along with some private corporations and individual advocate had doing their share to help preserve our marine life.  Among this places who offers sanctuary for these endangered pawikan (sea turtle) specifically green turtle and leatherbacks  is Arena Island found in the beautiful province of Palawan.

Help Save the Pawikan

The island has been the sanctuary of this sea turtles, they are the one who cares for the hatchlings in float cages which they created and releases them after a month when the baby turtles are bigger, protecting them from any sea predators.  The hatchlings are then tagged and registered internationally in order to trace their return to Isla Arena to lay more eggs.  ?

I have visited Puerto Princesa, Palawan three years ago after learning that my biological mother is now living there and I have personally seen it’s beautiful nature and how the local government is doing their share to preserve it.  Now, knowing Arena Island located at Narra, Palawan, i am more convinced of hoping and wishing to come back there not just to enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of the untouched white sand beach and the lush surroundings that this four hectare island can offer but also brings out my passionate feeling of seeing first hand and doing my share to help preserve this endangered sea turtles.  Just like any visitors, the island offers adoption of a Pawikan (sponsorship) for a certain costs to keep this baby turtles safe and healthy before they can be back on the open sea to grow bigger.

help save the sea turtles at Arena Island(image from Arena Island Website)

If your a green lover, who loves to see the beauty of nature, I know that you will surely enjoy your stay in this private island.  They offer world class service and an accommodations with an exclusive services of highly trained locals and the most important part of it, is you get a chance of a lifetime to join in their advocacy to help our marine life, a step on preserving our planet.

I have always wished and pray that if only i am rich, i can be able to go to places and start my own preservation of not just marine life but also some of the endangered species in the world today.  It makes me teary eyed knowing that our earth is becoming less and less a beautiful perfect home not just for human but for all the other living animals and reptiles and to sum it all, the one who causes this huge destruction is us alone.  I hope that we can get to see the sad truth around us and I pray that it is not too late to start preserving it not just for us or our children but also for the next generation to come.

Visit Arena Island on  facebook to learn more about their beautiful island and help share their advocate to save our sea turtles.  Make your pledge now! Share the news and help our marine life.


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