Avon’s Hello Green Tomorrow

Our favorite fashion and beauty brand is also joining the bandwagon to save our Mother Earth.  Avon launches their Hello Green Tomorrow aiming to help and encourage others to do their share on how to make our world a better place to live in.

What is Avon’s Hello Green Tomorrow? (As quoted on their website)

Hello Green Tomorrow is a mobilization and fundraising program to empower a global environmental movement to help end deforestation. It is a unique, globally-coordinated campaign that leverages Avon’s ability to educate, engage and mobilize people worldwide to form a “green army” that will plant a future. 

This year, people in more than 50 countries are joining Avon Hello Green Tomorrow to sell fundraising products and build awareness to help end deforestation and restore critically endangered rainforests in South America and Indonesia (Borneo and Sumatra). This work will be carried out by our partners at The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund with monies raised through Avon efforts worldwide.

Avon Hello Green Tomorrow also provides tips and information on how people can follow the “5 R’s” in their daily lives: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, and Replant.

Their ultimate goal:

What is the ultimate goal?

Avon is committed to helping end deforestation. Forests, especially tropical forests, are vital to the survival of all living creatures worldwide and serve as the “lungs of the earth,” helping mitigate climate change by cleaning the air of pollutants. At the current rates of deforestation, all forests could disappear in a century.

Avon has a heritage of making a difference, including the company’s leadership in causes important to women like breast cancer and domestic violence. Through Hello Green Tomorrow Avon focuses its commitment, resources and people on the issue of deforestation and the goal to plant a better future.

This avon  eco-friendly, reusable water bottle holds a generous 34 ounces and what’s good about it is that 100% of the net proceed will benefit the Hello Green Tomorrow Fund.

How can you help?

As part of the campaign, Avon will launch different Avon “Hello Green Tomorrow” products like T-shirt created by a leading fashion designer in Brazil, a cosmetic case in Venezuela and various styles of reusable shopping bags throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and Latin America and of course the Philippines and on the 50 countries around the world where Avon products were sold.  You can check them out on your favorite Avon Lady or branches near your home, office or school.

At this time I am writing this post, i am not yet aware if there is a Green Tomorrow products in our local branch but I am more willing to check them out and will post the pictures as soon as I have grabbed my own set.

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  1. It is good to know that more establishments and companies are now beginning to be Eco-conscious. Kudos to Avon for doing their part to make this planet a better place to live in.

  2. Mei Santiago says

    Is this for sale?? HOw much??

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