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For mothers, we always wanted the best for our babies.  Choosing only the best not just on what they eat but also with the products we used to them.  Since, i have pledged to live a more greener life,  I have done the best i could to use and trust only natural, organic or eco-friendly products.  I prefer to buy them over something even if the brand is a well known brand.

For me, natural products are still safe for our babies because they do not contain harmful or harsh ingredients rather than those over the counter products. Baby Spa is one of those brands who believes that our kids deserves to be pampered , nurtured and cared for in a very natural way.

With the help of natives, ethnobotanists was able to understand the health benefits provided by plants like Songa and Kizis a unique ethnobotanicals which originated from regions of North America, Kendi and Nyamplung from Pacipic Islands and Malaysia which is noted to have 98% to 100% natural.

Their products ranges was divided in two parts, stage one is for newborn to crawler while stage 2 is for 4 years and above.  Key ingredients includes the following ;

  • Nyamplung oil which is a certified ECOCERT organic oil extracted from the almonds of calophyllum inopylluma  , a tree that can be found on Pacific island and indonesia which is known to be grown free from any pesticides. 
  • Kendi oil , extracted from the nuts of a aleurites mollucana which bark and leaves are known to have therapeutic effects since it contains natural anti-oxidant which helps nourishes and protect the skin  and hair naturally.
  • Kizis  on the other hand is a native of Eastern Northern america which is known for its meaning, the sun which can support, sooth and refreshes our skin.
  • Songa which means strength is a preservative free botanicals that can help our body keep it looking smooth and healthy.
  • EG 28 unisooth  helps promote long lasting hydration.

 Formulated to help the special needs of baby’s skin, Baby Spa is indeed unique on it’s own way because they don’t just advocate a healthy baby skin but also promote green living ideas to their consumers.

What i specifically love with the product is the smell.  It’s very unique and really soothing. The texture is just perfect because it’s not very thick nor very liquid and it lives with it’s promise of giving a smooth baby skin while tried to my little one.

By frequent use of this products, you can assure that you are looking for what you wished for, a true value of money and natural way to have a healthy glowing skin.

Learn more about Baby spa , follow them on FACEBOOK  and Twitter.

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  1. I love their products 🙂 so soft and fragrant free, perfect for my sensitive kids 🙂

  2. It was my first time to learn about Kendi and Nyamplung oil. Anyway, I think that babies deserve organic stuff as well, not only it is safe but it is also non-harmful to the baby skin.

  3. i love anything organic… i think with everything that is from nature you can never go wrong with it.:)

  4. Gven-Rose says

    it’s the first time i heard about baby spa..

  5. this is a good product to try for my little guy. the air gets so dry here in our place and we not only need a good moisturizer/oil but also eco friendly. this fits the bill.

  6. Seriously? Even babies can get a spa? That’s really cool! I just hope these are really good for the babies especially that their skin is so sensitive in a very young age.

  7. Babies require products that are very safe to use because of their natural vulnerability to skin reactions, among others. This can be a good option to try.

  8. It’s always a plus when the company aims to go green. That sounds like a very good product to try for children.

  9. We do want the best for our children. Whatever it takes to keep them healthy and at the same time being able to help our mother nature is the best. Organic and natural products are best for our babies and for us adults too.

  10. this is a product every moms must have to pamper their baby

  11. I always aim to use organic or green products for my family and I am glad that more companies are now pursuing the idea of going green. This product sounds promising, something to try about.

  12. Awe! Sounds like one great product. To be honest, never really heard or seen these products before that I can remember. I would love to try. Sounds like made out of great things and safer for the skin. Thank you for sharing this one mommy.

  13. I didn’t know that there are spa products for babies too. They will surely be so delighted with this kind of spa treat.

  14. I always go for natural and organic when it comes to my children’s health and benefits! Thanks for sharing i will check this out!

  15. Of course our babies deserve all the pampering in the whole wide world. Baby spa is one way of making our babies feel better.

  16. Tiffany F says

    I would love to get this for my daughter. I like that is natural and had a good scent. Hard to find that combination. Thanks for the review !!

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