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Created with the desire of spreading good living and respect for the environment.  Bags Go Reusable bags is made from high quality that can accommodate your things or grocery items more than you imagine.  Made from the same fabric that was used in creating parachute, this bag will definitely withstand the test of time. But if problem occurs, you can always get a replacement too since they offer a lifetime warranty but make sure it was not due of your negligence or improper handling.

Talking  about value for money,  Reusable Bags Go comes in ;

SOLO 240.00 ( 1 IN A PACK) DUO 475.00 ( 2 IN A PACK) TRIO 695.00 ( 3 IN A PACK).  You might think that it’s a little expensive but mind you, i have an eco-bag that cost more than Php 400 and even comes in a more lighter material thus I’m afraid to use them occasionally because I might ruin it.  While on the other hand,  Reusable Bags Go is very durable and even water resistant so you won’t be having second thoughts of bringing them just anywhere.

Although comes in plain color, it’s more fashionable to bring them instead of having your plastic bags which is not even good for the environment.

With their motto of Reusable mind, reusable habit,  this eco-friendly bag is something you can bring everywhere since it’s very flat when folded and using one can lesser or even totally eliminate your plastic bag usage.  Just imagine a minimum of using 4 plastic bags in a day, that would be  120 pcs in a whole month, 1,460 pcs in 365 days.

Although I don’t find any problems when i used this, folding the bag might be quite tricky but if you knew the procedure, you can certainly fold it as easy as this. Here’s the procedure on how to fold your bag, if you haven’t done it in your first attempt , try and try and you will definitely succeed 🙂

how to fold flat

Comes in 11 COLORS, like  Poppy Red Lemon Zest Yellow Salad Grocer Green Soccer Sports Blue Pop Purple Hollywood Fuchsia Pink Hazel Nut Beige Daddy Gray Hair Monaco Blue Dusk Light Blue Emerald Green and printed ones will be available on sale next year.

bags to go

Quality –  10 √

Durability – 10 √

Affordability – 9 √

Design  – 9 √

So, what’s in my bag?

Since the heavy rain, i wasn’t able to get a chance to do outfit post outside but here’s my recent purchase on the supermarket bringing and using my new BagsGo reusable bag.

Where to buy?

You can buy them over ,  but you can also get  BagsGo at this following stores;

TrueValue Stores,  Fullybooked,  Sesou,  Toy Town,  ROX Stores : Fort, CDO, Baguio, Pampanga, Cebu,  Chuckleberry in Canada & USA and soon in Rustans.

Happy Shopping to everyone. Stay Green :0

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  1. This is great for grocery shopping! So convenient!

  2. can’t wait to see the printed ones I love reusable shopping bags but my favorite ever is the one Giordano gave me 🙂

  3. They have lifetime warranty? Cool! 🙂

  4. when i spoke to my class about global warming, i pointed out the benefits of using eco bags rather than plastic bags – which is a big factor to save the earth. and tama ka, napaka durable ng eco bags 🙂

  5. I guess it is now time to think green and be responsible enough to our environment. And I believe this is one way to start helping and reduce the stress that earth have had.

  6. I love reusable bags. They’re a lot more convenient than plastic/paperbags. I kinda a hoard them actually. I’m strange like that -__-

  7. I love using reusable shopping bags as well and this one looks interesting especially because it’s made from the same material they use for parachutes. I will check it out.

  8. These are the way to shop, you make it very fashionable as well.

  9. awesome reusable bags. If I have to have them I will need probably over 20 pieces. We shop once every 2 weeks so we buy enormous amount of groceries!

  10. Airra Pingol says

    i will have to agree with you, eco bags are more stylish than using the ordinary plastic bags.
    I wish they’ll create different designs though. 🙂

  11. This is nice. If manufacturers really cared about saving the environment they will make these reusable bags better over time…

  12. Eco bags are indeed useful, at the same time a practical solution to our global plastic bag problems. Btw, this looks nice! Will definitely wait for the printed ones! 🙂

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