Be Organic – Aloe Jojoba & Papaya Kojic Soaps Review

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Here’s the second part of my review for Be Organic products.  After using the shampoo and conditioner for quite sometime, i have also tried the soaps that they sent to me.

Aloe Jojoba Soap :

With a mild scent, this Aloe Jojoba soap is great for acne prone skin since it can help control oily skin.  Comes from natural and mild ingredients, it helps skin to nourish and give moisture.

If your having problem with acne, this soap is something you would like to try.  Although, I have been using anti-acne product, i think this one also helps on healing my pimples and black heads.

Handmade and affordable, although what I don’t like about the soap is that it can easily melt especially when left soaked in the water.

kojic soap


Papaya Kojic Soap :

We all know that kojic and papaya are one of the ingredients to help whiten skin.  But since I have tried many kojic soaps in the past, I don’t expect too much so that it would not be disappointing in case  it fails.

I have used this for about two weeks and aside from the moisture that it gives to my skin, my color is still the same as before.  But what’s good about this Papaya Kojic soap is the smell, I so love it’s  light  smell that it can help me refresh and sooth my stressful feeling.

So, if your looking for Organic products, look no further, visit Be Organic Facebook page to learn more about their different products.



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