Beatrix Girls slumber Party Giveaway #sweetnothingsgiveaway

 Beatrix Girls Slumber Party Giveaway


Every girls love slumber party.  A beautiful night sharing ideas and fun and sing as much as you wanted.  You will definitely love this Slumber Party Package generously offered by Beatrix Pop Club for all My Green Living Ideas loyal subscribers and followers. You can read my Beatrix Girls Review.   Check out the rafflecopter on how you can win.

Now, here’s the great part.  Beatrix Girls are giving way this wonderful package to one lucky reader of My Green Living Ideas.

You can win this Slumber Party Package worth $100

  • A Classic Beatrix Doll!
  • DVD with all of The Beatrix Girls webisodes for you and your friends to watch at your sleepover
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • A Beatrix Girls CD to dance and sing along with
  • Tactic Activity Books, AND

*You could also win ONE of the following accessories for your room:

  • A set of Beatrix curtains,
  • A Beatrix twin sheet set,
  • A Beatrix plush blanket,
  • A Beatrix twin/full size comforter.

*Room accessory given will be selected by Sponsor.

Can’t wait to get hold of this pretty items?  Check them out at Amazon today.

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  1. Jessica Ledford says

    I love slumber parties because they are just so fun!

  2. Well, truth be told it’s been a long time since I’ve had one unless you count the one with my husband 🙂

  3. Danielle Papsis says

    I like slumber parties because you can switch off giving parents a break and the kids get to enjoy themselves too. I like to see them have fun.

  4. Sleepover’s are so much fun, love these cool dolls!
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  5. Kortney Lah says

    I love them because you can have pillow fights and get to spend time with friends.

  6. They create memories with your best friends; talking, playing, eating, etc.

  7. What a fun prize package! Slumber parties were always fun because you could talk with your girlfriends all night long.

  8. I love sleepovers because they are fun to get together with your friends!

  9. my little niece would love this prize she loves Brayden and she is looking forward to her first slumber party. thankyou, ken

  10. Slumber parties are so fun and a great way to make memories!

  11. This will be a great gift for my daughter.

  12. Slumber parties are so much fun for the kids, as a parent now I can really appreciate the night off when it’s someone elses turn!

  13. I like slumber party because it is fun!

  14. Rhonda Clemens says

    What I love about slumber parties is that people are together that we love, the food, the games, the funnyness, watching movies.

  15. WHO DOESN”T LOVE hanging out with their friends? It’s so much silliness.

  16. I love all the laughs and seeing who can stay up the longest.

  17. I loved slumber parties because it was a chance to spend time with friends outside of school

  18. Slumber parties are a great way for girls to bond and connect. They are also so much fun.

  19. My great niece loves slumber parties because right now at her age, her slumber parties are with grandma 🙂 When she gets a bit older she’ll be able to invite friends to her home to sleep over. She just thinks it’s so great to be able to pack her pajamas and a couple toys in one of her bags and cart them over to grandma’s house 🙂


  21. Shakeia Rieux says

    I love sleepovers because you have your closest friends there watching movies,eating popcorn and other junk,play board games,do karaoke and stay up late telling stories

  22. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love a sleepover for my nieces when they come visit for their birthdays. They love the Beatrix girls.

  23. That was always a fun time to go to slumber parties!

  24. Katie Amanda says

    My niece loves them. They’re a lot of fun.

  25. Slumber parties are great because you get to watch movies and eat snacks and play games, all with friends.

  26. Megan Swinney says

    I love letting my daughter have her friends over and having a good time!

  27. I loved being able to stay up late and eat a bunch of goodies 🙂

  28. Marilyn Nawara says

    My granddaughter loves the Beatrix Girls — this is a terrific prize that she would go crazy over.

  29. Becky phelps says

    My daughter loves to have slumber parties. I love hearing then giggle and doing makeovers them playing worth Their dolls

  30. I love slumber parties because I have such good memories of them growing up and my daughters have so much fun when they have one.

  31. I love hearing all the laughter and my daughter having fun with her friends.

  32. Slumber parties were the BEST. My friends and I would look forward to them all week. We would see how late we could stay up and do silly things like crazy makeovers, play mad libs, etc… those were the days!!

  33. Claire Rheinheimer says

    Once every couple of years my sisters, mom and I get together and spend the night. It’s a blast! We play games, watch movies and just hang out and act stupid. I just love the time together!

  34. heather kaufman says

    It is a great time to have girl fun & makeovers.

  35. My girls love sleepovers and they would love this!

  36. Michelle Plummer says

    They were the most memorable part of my childhood, I can’t wait to be able to share the excitement with my kids

  37. when I was young all I remember is slumber parties with my friends. we had SO much fun, makeovers, played games, told scary stories, played with the ouiji board… SO FUN!

  38. golden storm says

    i love slumber party because of the fun for my grand daughter

  39. Leigh Anne Borders says

    What makes a slumber party great/ The laughter and memories created with people that are dear to you!

  40. Robin Abrams says

    I love slumber partys because they make great happy memorys with spending time with your friends having fun

  41. This would be a first time slumber party for my little girl! She would love this. Great memories and laughing. at gmail dot com

  42. I love slumber parties because its a good wholesome way to enjoy others and create memories. I love that you can do so many things and have such a blast!

  43. I love slumber parties for girls because it gives them a chance to get together and have fun outside of school and other competing activities like sports. They can laugh, share, play games, eat and just have a good time. I used to love to go to slumber parties.

  44. I love slumber parties because you can bond with the other girls/friends. You can all relax and have a good time.

  45. Katie Bellamy says

    You get to pig out with no regrets! 🙂

  46. I loved them when I was a kid. I had so many at my house. They were a lot of fun

  47. We love them because they are fun and a great way to learn more about friends.

  48. I would love to win this and give it to a little girl I babysit!

  49. I love a slumber party because my daughter gets to have a few friends over, they watch TV all night and we order out for pizza and snack all night….

  50. I’m not sure I love slumber party. Pillow fights?

  51. Amanda Stovall says

    Slumber parties are one of the most memorable parts of my childhood! I secretly cannot wait till my 4 1/2 year old wants to have her first slumber party!!!!:)

  52. Slumber parties are just somuch fun I love hosting them

  53. Love having time with friends!

  54. The girls love have slumber parties. They love being with their friends, giggling, frolicking around, and just plain having a good time.

  55. I love slumber parties because I have many good childhood memories from them.

  56. Slumber parties are something all girls just do! My mom did… I did…. and my daughter is planning her first one!

  57. sherri crawford says

    because its so much fun

  58. Dawn Monroe says

    I wouldnt describe myself as loving them but my granddaughters and friends have a ball at them. They are at a great age to enjoy them.

  59. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    I have 4 little girls and its like “thing THING” to do!

  60. Slumber parties are great place to just have fun, eat, talk, not sleep and laugh.

  61. Ashley Smith says

    I love slumber parties because I get to have fun with friends!

  62. I love sumber parties because it’s a fun way for best fiends to laugh, eat, dance. tell secrets all night.

  63. Kirsten Deacon says

    Personally I am not a fan of slumber parties BUT I am a fan of making my kids happy – so I like slumber parties because my kids do 🙂

  64. Cathy Jarolin says

    This slumber party we love Because we love the Beatrix Girls,They are all so pretty! The Blanket for the Bed is Awesome!! If your referring to real life slumber parties. When I was young we always had them. We all took turns having them at our houses. . We had a lot of fun dancing,eating and Laughing!! The little record players were going like crazy! Lol!

  65. Slumber parties are definitely a part of growing up!

  66. Jennifer Reed says

    Slumber parties were great as a child because we could eat great food, play all night, and spend time with friends. As a parent of a girl I am looking forward and dreading slumber party years, which are approaching very fast, because of the work it involves.

  67. Linda Madden says

    Some of my fondest memories are when I went to slumber parties. They were so much fun.

  68. Slumber parties are great because you stay up late and gossip.

  69. crystal sheckles-gibson says

    My daughter loves to have slumber parties but I am glad when all of her friends go home.

  70. Jenny Stanek says

    Slumber parties are wonderful because you can have such a fun time playing and eating with your friends!

  71. We love slumber parties here and the kids would love to have this one and we have birthday parties coming up so I hope we win.

  72. Katyann Marne Driver says

    I love slumber parties because you stay up late have yummy treats and talk about just about anything. its bonding time for friends and if your invited for a slumber party you know the person really is your friend.

  73. It’s great for social bonding 🙂

  74. My daughter loves slumber party as she can have her friends and have pillow fights and movie till late night.

  75. I am entering this contest to donate these items to a charity for needy children…needless to say, my wife does not allow me out of the house at night ;(

  76. I love slumber parties because they are just so fun!

  77. The best thing about slumber parties is that they give you a chance to have tons of fun with your friends!

  78. Katherine Riley says

    Slumber parties are a great way to bond and be a little silly!!!

  79. Tanya holland says

    I love them because you get to hang out with friends all night.

  80. jennifer bowen says

    i love slumber partys because you got to stay up late at night and sleep in in the morings and run a round most of the moring in your p.j.’s and you would get to eat all kinds of food. that’s what I liked doing at a slumber party when I was a kid .

  81. Id have to say sleepovers those are the best times growing up

  82. Melissa Vaught says

    I love slumber parties because I went to them a lot when I was young and always had so much fun! Now that I have a daughter, I can wait for her t to experience that too!

  83. my daughter would love a slumber party because they are fun and you get to be with all your friends.

  84. liked all the bonding with my friends when i was a kid

  85. shea balentine says

    because they are so much fun and are a great time to bond and deepen friendships!

  86. Candy, Popcorn, Nail Polish, Jammies and lots of sleeping bags and blankets with movies…who doesn’t love sleep overs!

  87. I love them because they can be a giggle blast!!!

  88. The Beatrix Girl Dolls are so cute and the movie looks like it would be really good. My daughter would love all of this!

  89. This would be a nice prize to give someone for their slumber party. Slumber parties are fun for the girls.

  90. I love slumber parties because my kids have so much fun! I get to make them and their friends cute snacks and plan activities for them.

  91. I love slumber parties because it’s a great way for girls to get together and bond! Some of my best memories as a kid were sleep overs with my best friends, doing nails and telling scary stories before bed! Great memories!

  92. I love slumber parties as it is a way to get a lot of girls/women together in one place and share stories, food, watch movies, etc. for the evening.

  93. I love eating the food and staying up all night at slumber parties.

  94. I love having people over and having fun/entertaining!

  95. I like to stay up late and watch movies with friends .

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