Beauty starts within – Neocell Collagen Burst Review

They say that being beautiful is just a state of mind but why many women are getting obsessed on finding ways to make them beautiful.  They would even pay thousands of dollars just to achieve the looks they wanted.  If only the fountain of youth is  true , i guess there would be millions of people who will rally just to have a single drop from it.

For some, being beautiful is genetic, you should be thankful if you belong that group since i wasn’t.  Although, i’m not jealous or regretting about it, i am still conscious that lines are getting visible on some parts of my face. Just anyone our skin will tend to breakout and wrinkled when we grow older and if you are just like me , i guess you would agree that make up could not hide all those visible problems in our face and other parts of our body.

There are many ways to help our skin renew it’s glow and our bones to become stronger again.  Collagen is a  protein that is already found in our body necessary for good health which attributes a lot on having a good skin and strong bones, nails and hair.   I had this conclusion that my body produces less of this since i have this problem with my bones as well as my hair.

There are many collagen products that can be found in the market today but you know me, i’m always picky in terms of something i would intake.  Natural products are always on top of my list and of course, fresh picks are the best.

IMG_2077 For someone like me who is experiencing problems with my bone, this Neocell Beauty Burst collagen candy is a good source to start renewing my bones and treat my osteoarthritis problems. What I love  about it is it’s really yummy  and taste like chocolate and i can bring them anywhere .

beauty burst by neocell

Benefits like strong teeth , nails and hair can be visibly felt and seen after one pack and yes, since i have this chews, my nails are more harder and I can even let them grow long without thinking that they will be broken within days.


The best part is the elasticity of skin, as we grow older it becomes sag and wrinkled and this big eye bag is definitely one of my problems.  To have beautiful skin, you need to nourish your body, so it’s like beauty within. I call it green beauty.









Although, i still have them, many are actually saying that I look more younger at my age than when I was in my 20’s and even one of my friends keep on asking whether I have done something in my face to look younger but with two little kids to take care for, i barely had the chance to go to the beauty salon.  So,  it’s no secret, just making the right choices.  Healthy lifestyle gives better result and finding the right products just like Neocell collagen supplements helps a lot on achieving this things.  Hailed as 2013- “Best Beauty Supplement”  by Delicious Living Magazine, in every bite you can have beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew. To learn more about their products, visit their site today and like their Facebook page to be updated anytime.


But of course, before taking supplements make sure to check your doctor about it.  It pays to be knowledgeable.

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