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Some  may be lucky to be born with beautiful skin and other’s are not and that includes me.  It’s always my desire to have smooth and fair skin but blame it on the genes or the late sleep i have to make each day.

Sometimes, i hate to look at the mirror and see those pimples and black heads. I have tried several facial cleanser and cream but either i get irritation  or the problem keeps on coming back.  Although i may not say all of them,there are some of which i have tried that is really beneficial to me and until now, i am still using them.

But when I get a chance to check out a set of beauty products,  imagine my thrill.   I have always favored organic and natural products and Seabuck Wonders beauty and vitamin is truly worth having.

The sea buckthorn seeds which these products came all the way from the Tibetan Himalayas is known to be a great source of Omegas 3, 6, 9 and Omega 7 , essential components that is vital to collagen production for us to have beautiful , healthy skin, nails and hairs.  Even the famous Dr. Oz recommends  and favored Sea buckthorn oil over juice stating that it is rich in antioxidants , essential amino acids , vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients. (source – seabuck wonders site)

Seabuck wonders are USDA certified organic products. It offers to preserve our youthful beauty and a remedy to fight those fine lines and wrinkles that is coming more visible in my eyes and face and for over 20 years, they have offered supplements and beauty products with highest concentration of sea buckthorn and omega 7 to give better results.

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I got to try their Sea Buck wonder pack which composed of one bottle of each product;

    • Sea Buckthorn Omega-7 Complete™, 60 Softgels
    • Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion
    • Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream
    • Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser
    • Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum

 my green living ideas tried andt ested products

Just like any beauty regimen, it’s ideal to take them all together to achieve what we always wanted and that’s acne clear and beautiful glowing skin.  I love how the smell, it’s light and you can feel the sweet breeze of the himalayas on every bottle. Sea buck Wonders offers to moisturize your skin and repair them.  Just like any products, visible result comes after continuous use which i am very much willing to do. Sold at $99.32, i believe that this product is worthy of your money.

I can’t wait to see the result to you,  Will let you know after a month of continuous use.

SEA BUCK WONDERS can be bought from supplement stores but you can also purchase from their online site which gives you less trouble and big benefits to our carbon footprint.

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And here’s the great part. Beauty Wonders agreed to give one of my lucky reader a chance to receive and try this collection.  Lucky indeed, so do come back  because the giveaway will come pretty soon.

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  1. Nancy Erwin says

    Winning makes me feel like a winner in many ways.

  2. I have read about the benefits of Sea Buckthorn but felt that formulating something with it myself was just outside of my capabilities. I’m so glad to see it made into natural products for the skin.

  3. laurie nykaza says

    Sea Buckthorn Facial cleaner would be great to try and its organic which I love too


    I would love to try this bc I have heard of the benefits of seabuckthorn and I am addicted to otc antiaging products being 45 and all and I am always eager to try the newest best things out there that I haven’t tried. But even as much as I really want this for myself, I want even more so to try to win to have sent to my 44 yr old sister in another state bc she loves antiaging things too BUT she is very low income so can’t afford such things and also she is a major health nut and cares a LOT about organics and all natural ingredients in things so she’d appreciate this even more than most people. Also she has a stressful life and has to walk in the city of Philadelphia (no car) far to work and back and for errands in all kinds of weather and she needs extra tlc to nuture and protect her skin plus she is always doing so much for others she deserves some good karma to come back to her.

    Thank you to you and the sponsor for this giveaway opportunity

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I want to win because Seabuck Wonders is made with Omega 3, 6, 9 and Omega 7 that will help my skin with collagen production. At my age, these products would make my skin renew itself and give it an overall smoother appearance. It is also USDA certified organic products which are healthy for my skin!

  6. Mackenzie says

    Very neat. I would love to try these out myself. I’ve heard great things about Seabuck Wonders.

  7. natalie nichols says

    I would love to win because I can only afford to get the cheap stuff right now, and it all seems to make my psoriasis more uncomfortable. I think these products would do the opposite.

  8. I’m very pleased that theses products are organic.

  9. I would love to try the facial cleanser.

  10. Robin Wilson says

    I have head of them, but didn’t realize that they were so very good for your skin! I know that sometimes you have to go for quality when it comes to price, so I will most def be saving pennies for this brand!


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