What Are The Benefits Of Different Bags

With the use of plastic bags continually growing in concern, and next year we are likely to see a 5p charge on the use of them, we decided to look at different types of bags and to highlight their benefits.

Eco-bags on action

Eco-bags on action

Paper Bags

Paper bags are used by a number of high street retailers already and this is because they are top quality bags, they look rustic-y and offer great value for money. Paper bags are often fully recyclable and they can be used on more than one occasion – which some people tend to forget. What’s more is they can come in a number of different sizes and shapes.

Jute Bags

Jute bags are becoming more and more popular as other bags fall by the wayside, like plastic carrier bags. Jute bags are incredibly hard-wearing and has been used to make things for centuries. Again, these bags can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are interesting in that they can be created from either organic or non-organic cotton. They are foldable, lightweight and can be printed to promote brands and messages easily. Transporting a truck load of them is easy to do and is very cost-effective too, which is why a lot of companies use them for their marketing strategies.

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo is a material that is being used more and more in a number of different products, including table wear, flooring and bags. Bamboo bags are one of the most sustainable bags you can get and most bags on the market will be 100% natural, produced without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are another extremely durable bag and is arguably one of the most popular bags on the market at the moment. This is probably because they can be personalized, similar to cotton bags, and that they are biodegradable, so they have less impact on the environment compared to plastic bags.

There are bags for every business or individual and can be used over and over again, which ultimately helps to keep the environment free from toxic-ridden bags or chemicals that can harm sea life, wild life and production of a number of products.

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