Benefits of Vitamins on our skin

Admit it, we all want to look good and look our best. Who doesn’t want to look younger than their real age? Who doesn’t want to maintain the beauty they have been accustomed of having? No wonder the fountain of youth is still being sought after by many. We all want to stay young and look good as long as possible but the fountain of youth is just a myth and the reality, as the clock ticks, our age follows.

Great skin is one of the traits we would need to maintain to stay beautiful and look young. There are many ways on keeping our skin look good. Proper hygiene and hydration are just the basic things we need to consider to keep our skin healthy and looking good. Science has also improved a lot throughout the years so medical options are also available in keeping the skin looking beautiful.

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With the many options available for our skin’s nourishment, vitamins remains as the best and natural options we can consider to keep our skin glowing and staying young. Below are the top 3 vitamins proven to be beneficial to the skin

  1. Vitamin C

This natural vitamin from fruits is considered a beauty miracle by many. It does not only keep colds away, but also helps in keeping the skin glowing and radiant. In fact, soaps, lotions, astringents and other beauty products have Vitamin C as one of its components because of its proven whitening effects.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamins A help in maintaining perfect eyesight but also aids in keeping the skin hydrated, healthy and strong. In Romania, a concoction of warm water, olive oil and a few drops of Vitamin A are commonly used to moisturize their nails. The soak prevents nails and the skin surrounding it from splitting, breaking and peeling. You can buy vitamins online from Golden Glow to ensure the quality of what you are taking.

  1. Omega 3 and Omega 6

Glowing complexion is possible and can be achieved by maintaining a diet of seafood, fruits, olive oil and vegetables. Omega 6 and Omega 3 working together with antioxidants and vitamins present in a vegetable and fibre rich diet will not only help in keeping your skin looking good but your weight in check as well.

Keeping your intake natural and fresh as much as possible will help you looking good but will help you stay healthy as well, even without hurting your budget. Have a healthy new year friends.

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