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Living a green life is highly expected to us. As a mother and a parent, we are the first teacher of our children.  Our children look upon us and they imitate what we does.  Starting on our own simple way, we can be their role models and in their early age, they will learn the benefits and ways on how they can help to spread green living. Remember, that starting young can make a big difference.

Children Books or Green-Eco Books that discusses about ways and tips on green living are a great way to instill earth friendly habits to our small ones.  We need to encourage them and we should also set the examples first.

Here are some of the books I have seen worth recommending and reading:

Green Guide Families: The Complete Reference for Eco-Friendly Parents

$14.63  –

Description: When we published The Green Guide in 2008, Meryl Streep called it “the ultimate green living reference.” Now, building on that success, here’s a guide to eco-friendly parenting that’s expertly organized and filled with practical advice, definitive explanations, and imaginative ideas.Addressing the key environmental issues faced by parents of young children today, this book takes a straightforward approach to such urgent concerns as lead-painted toys; the risks and benefits of vaccinations, antibiotics, and vitamins; the potential side effects of plastic bottles and containers; how to manage food allergies and avoid fat- and sugar-filled snacks; and much more.

This is for pregnant moms like me:

Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care

$11.52 –

Description: Winner of the Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal for “BEST PARENTING BOOK OF THE YEAR”

Eco-Friendly Families

$15.95 –

Description: Eco-friendliness has grown into a way of life across the country. Eco-Friendly Families is the perfect guide to raising a family with “green” values, whether they’re celebrating their first Earth Day or are old hands at recycling, eating organic, and carrying a cloth bag to the supermarket. Parents and children can all live by eco-example by following the tips in this book, including:

• Start-up advice for going green as a family affair— motivating all family members to embrace change
• Family activities that can make every day Earth Day and living green fun
• A practical guide to growing up green—what everyone can do around the house, at school, at work, and on vacation
• Realistic ways to deepen family involvement through environmentalism, conservation, activism, and advocacy
• Effective suggestions for raising responsible, ecoconscious citizens

Baby Green: Caring for Your Baby the Eco-friendly Way

By: Jill Barker

$12.95 –

The choices you make today about how you raise your child do not just affect you and your baby but have an impact on the planet. “Baby Green” will guide you through making important decisions, including using washable or disposable nappies, what equipment you really need and how you can make your baby’s environment safe and eco-friendly. Covering pre-birth through to the first year, this book will enable you to make informed lifestyle choices and raise your child the natural way.

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