Best Gift Ideas: Gift of health this christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and we all know aside from the cheers it gives to each and everyone, the cold weather can also bring sickness for the family and friends. Make sure to have a hand healthy kit at home or at work so next time you feel something bad, the right medicines are always at hand. As of now, i believe that you are already thinking of the best gift ideas for Christmas.

 Instead of the usual flowers, chocolates and fruits, why not give the gift of healthy skin and body.   This can also be a great gift for your colleagues, friends and the nearest kin.

We have been a loyal consumer of Unilab for years and up to this moment, it never failed us.  As a mother, i don’t want to compromise the health of my family. I always make sure that they have the best of everything thus aside from providing them a healthy meal each day, i also give them vitamins supplements because I know that we don’t have assurance that all our food is indeed complete with the daily required vitamins and minerals.  That’s why, i know the importance of healthy body.

Here are some Christmas best gift ideas that will surely be appreciated;

A gift of Healthy Body

unilab handy health kit

  • Handy Health Kit – is surely a great hit since it includes the most needed medicine. A must have medicine kit for your home and a great travelling companion too.

A gift of Healthy Skin

  • Beauty Pack – this beauty pack will surely be loved by any woman since we always wanted to have smooth and silky skin inside and out.  Myra, pH Care, Celeteque are just one of the best products that Unilab offers and personally, I would recommend this to my readers and friends.

I have been using Myra E 400 IU vitamins for quite some years and I would acknowledge the fact that it gives great benefit to my outside look as well as to my skin since it prevents aging and gives bloom and softness to my skin.  There are many people who have been asking what vitamins I take and I would always recommend this. So, you know the reason what keeps me beautiful inside and out.

i love myra e

A gift of healthy hair

celeteque dermoscience clarifying shampoo

  • Having a healthy hair is very important. Celeteque Dermoscience
    Hair And Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo is the new addition on Unilab’s commitment on giving the best health and skin care products that you can get in the market today. Giving this as a gift for someone you dear so much would mean very special since it’s unique and thoughtful.

Start a Healthy Habit today.  Give the gift of health to your family and friends this Christmas  and visit Unilab today to learn more about finding the best vitamins and medicines you need.

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