Beyond the Cloth Diaper

This guest post was written by Gracie L., who is getting an accounting degree online and will be taking an IT online course to supplement her degree. She has two children and has found it extremely flexible and liberating to take online courses.

Having a baby’s not easy. With an infant who is constantly needing attention and loving care, it’s undoubtedly simpler to choose one-use and convenience items when taking care of their needs. It doesn’t take a green genius to recognize that many of these products aren’t exactly good for the earth, though. Take a minute to think beyond the cloth diaper, and consider other ways to make your little sweetie more environmentally friendly.

  • Use Cloth Baby Wipes: If you’re already using cloth diapers, why not go all the way and make your own reusable baby wipes, too? There are several cost-effective recipes that you can whip up with items you have on hand, like olive oil and aloe vera. Moisten some cotton cloths with the solution when you’re on the go, and wash them right along with the soiled cloth diapers when you’re finished with them.
  • Make Your Own Baby Food: There are so many benefits to making your own baby food. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, and it lets you control exactly what ingredients find their way into your baby’s mouth. All you need is a blender, a strainer, and a little wherewithal. You can make it in large batches, freeze it, and thaw it out as you need more. Check out this University of Maine tutorial to get started.
  • Avoid Disposable Food Items: It may take a few seconds longer to fill an on-the-go container with milk, than to throw a disposable, single-serving sippy cup into the diaper bag. But, the unnecessary waste of single-use food service items adds up over time. You can find BPA-free, reusable infant travel cups and utensil sets online at a number of retailers.
  • Buy Earth Friendly Toiletries: Sure, your baby’s shampoo might be safe for her eyes, but is it safe for the earth?
    Consider buying a soap that contains no synthetic ingredients and practices fair trade and animal-friendly manufacturing. I recommend Dr. Bronner’s baby mild formula. Buy it in the gallon jug, and refill your current shampoo bottle when you run out, to save on money and packaging.
  • Avoid Buying New Clothes: Kids outgrow items so fast, it seems that parents are always needing to find slightly bigger duds for their little ones. Instead of buying new, however, consider the environmental benefits of purchasing gently used baby clothes. You’ll reduce the massive amounts of energy involved in the manufacture, packaging, and shipping of one new item of clothing. And, online stores make it easy to find the right size used item in great shape, without having to scope out a half dozen thrift stores.
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