Bicol’s Pride – local handicrafts



It’s been a while since I last created my post here and i have been totally missing all of you.  I have been filing up photos in my green living albums that I should supposed to share with all of you but I have to prioritize mommy duties , with the kid’s school events and the Halloween spectacular that we have attended.

It turned out lovely and my daughter made to take home the award and I hope this coming week, i would be back on my feet again and I have been meaning to share with you some interesting green ideas i have collated over the past few weeks.

But for now, i’m sharing you this beautiful ball with chili pepper. Bicolanos are known for their quality and beautiful handicrafts. Definitely a bicol’s pride, definitely world class products.

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  1. Robin Wilson says

    How beautiful and unique this is! I love to display chili peppers!

  2. This is fascinating to me. I never would have thought of creating a craft with peppers, but yours looks lovely. I think you just opened up a whole new world of ideas for me!! Thanks!

  3. Very interesting. Is it made with fresh peppers? Are they preserved? Or does it eventually ‘wither away’?

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