Blind Advocacy

I have been advocating green living and healthy ways to live a more greener and healthy life but i am no hypocrite to say that I am not doing things to harm our environment and i have never assumed nor portray that i am an expert on this field to humiliate or degrade others that are not doing their part to do their share to help preserve our environment.

Why I am saying this? Well, first thing first and let me clear it, nobody is telling me that I have not been doing what i am sharing nor shaming me for claiming false information and belief. I am very grateful that my readers appreciate what i have done and shared so far and even though it’s been a while since my last entry, there are still some loyal readers who visits this site and I thank them for that.

So, what is this sentiments that i am trying to point out and why i am making this litany. It is because that i am so irked with this advocate of breast feeding and natural child birth that she really got into my nerves. Well, she said that moms like me who are defending our actions on why we chose formula feeding to our children our mindless and ignorant mothers who only think of our pains and gives unreasonable reasons to justify our actions.

Honestly, advocating something means you are doing something you passionately wanted and sharing it to others for them to learn from it but it never occured to me that i need to force them or condemn others because they are not doing what you think is the best.

Advocacy means touching other lives for them to follow your passion, if you condemn and preach others how imperfect they were for choosing something you are against with is like showing them how disrespectful you are as a person and could you expect others to follow you or understand you?

We all know the great benefits of breast feeding and i always believe that giving it to your child is like giving your heart to them, there is inner connection and satisfaction and yes , it’s more practical and affordable.

But there are many factors and circumstances that mothers could not breast feed their children and as a fellow mom who experienced a difficulty in my journey to pregnancy and breast feeding, i could not just sit and close my lips and just take all the words she’s saying.  This is a very sensitive issue and as an advocate you have to draw a line on persuading others not to the extent on mom shaming and condemning others for not doing their part as a mom.

We all wanted what is best for our children and i believe there is no one who can point fingers on you and say, hey you are not a good mother because your not like this and you are not like that, only your children can judge you as a mother.

For all those mothers who chose to have their children formula fed, do not think you are inferior because you have not than your part, we understand that there are circumstances that beyond your control and it doesn’t mean that because you have been formula fed you will not grow healthy. I am not encouraging formula feeding and you should know that mother’s milk is the best for your babies but given circumstances and lack of milk supplies does not mean you are lacking and less as a mother.

Our sacrifices for our children is something we shall all be proud and yet every one is entitled to their own opinion , it does not give you the right to shame others. Respect is one good quality to teach your children and in this world full of diversity and adversity, what we need more is a heart full of understanding so that we can guide others and let them feel the warmth of our passion.

So to all moms who was hurt by this bitterness, this picture is for you. Just enjoy your journey and leave the negative energy.

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