BonPen Kulinarya with Chef Tristan Encarnacion – GM # 36

This is the continuation of my post regarding my trip to Pitogo and Unisan, Quezon where I among other bloggers attended the BonPen Festival.  I am still so lazy and was not able to write my thoughts this fast few days and honestly, i still need a good night sleep after all the stress I have been through.

But enough of my ranting, I want to introduce to you this one delicious food I have encountered during the BonPen Kulinarya Festival.  There are two main ingredients needed to be used and it was the goat and this so called Bengala. If it is your first time to hear about this word and you are not alone.   I really have no idea what’s Bengala is and I have to asked some people and see for myself  what it was really like but there is only one thing I am very certain, it was delicious , more delicious than the ordinary chicken we have used to eat.

Bengala or Guinea Fowl is a part of the family of birds.  It looks like a small peacock minus the big feathers.  It was a native of Africa but for some reason, it was domesticated and eventually cooked for a very special meal and a very interesting fact I have read about it is, it was monogamous, meaning they have only one mate for life, well sometimes infidelity can happen too, don’t you think? It is also good to note that their sound resemble the frog.


 Wonderful dishes was made using this bengala and I can tell you that they were really something to be proud for.  (more of this on Journey of a Dreamer).

I was chosen to be one of the five bloggers to judge the event.  It turned out quite well and each participants was indeed very good but of course like in any other competition only one will emerge as the big winner.

With Chef Tristan Encarnacion and Bokal Lourdes (pictures by Jay L of

The event was graced upon by none other than Chef Tristan Encarnacion. If you don’t know him which I know is very much impossible ( he is the chef also known for his Knorr Cubes commercial and Jollibee chicken barbecue. ) He cooked a meal using the goat meat but I was not able to taste it because I am also busy looking at the participants cooking presentation.

Side view picture

 To sum it all, it was a lovely occasion and I have learned a lot from it. Honestly, i still remember what the participants used on their dishes and I am planning (of course) to try them out for myself but the big question.  Where can I find Bengala here in Bicol?  Hmm, that is my next assignment.

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  1. good for you, you’ve got the chance of meeting different people, going to wonderful places and eating delicacies and specialties..
    It is really very intriguing what a bengala bird taste like..

  2. joining green monday again!

  3. you’re making me hungry.. 🙂 I want to try it too.

  4. I want food wahh ….Just join…

  5. Debbie Curtis says

    Now I know why chef Tristan looks familiar, Yes right he is the man behind the Knorr Cubes commercial and Jollibee chicken barbecue. You’re very lucky in meeting chef Tristan, he’s so handsome. 🙂

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