Cali Mojos : Solar Active Color Changing Flip- flops

changeable color flip flops

 This time of the year, when we all love to just walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of flowers and nature. Now, that the sun is up and shining so brightly, it is just so nice to go out and enjoy a relaxing outdoor experience.

Now, what’s more exciting, I can go walk around with my new CaliMojos, Solar Active Flip flops.


With its color changing straps and pretty over all design, i definitely enjoy sitting around and watching my feet and be amazed while it changes its color when the light shines directly on it.

Solar Active, the company behind this color changing products introduces different products with plastics that instantly change color when exposed to UV rays. All SolarActive® products are completely nontoxic, environmentally safe and FDA approved.

Definitely an interesting product.  No wonder their technology was also utilized in different known brands like Disney, Hasbro, Calvin Klein and many others.

With the addition of CaliMojos pretty flip flops, their company will surely be soaring high even more.  To learn about this color changing flip flops.  Visit CaliMojos today or better yet, follow them on Facebook to know the latest updates.

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