Cariloha’s Best Bamboo Pillow

Cariloha is known for their different bamboo products.  From their bamboo mattress, to bedding and bath towels to different women and men personal lifestyle products.  I have learned Cariloha for quite sometime and I will personally vouch for the great quality they have.  Their towels is definitely a must have and even their ooh so soft bamboo bed sheets.

This time, i was sent to review their Cariloha Retreat Pillow. And just like what you see, the pillow is above the usual size of your pillow.

The pillow  has three luxuriouly plush layers combine to make one incredibly comfortable pillow which is made from Cover: 100% Viscose from Bamboo, Cover Fill: 80% Microfiber / 20% Viscose from Bamboo
Middle Fill: 100% Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam which makes it naturally breathable and it is also made from  hypoallergenic memory foam core with air-flow perforation. Having a good pillows helps you sleep more comfortable and it gives you a more good night sleep.

It’s far more comfortable than the other pillows I have tried and would definitely the best so far.  It cost’s reasonably at $129 for the standard pillow and $139 for the king size.

Pros:  I love the idea that it was big enough to cover my whole head. It’s soft and very comfortable, just the right softness for everybody.  You can use it for your head or great for snuggling too. It helps lessen my stiff necks.

If you have problems snuggling and sleeping at night, it must be because your pillow is not a great help for you.  Honestly, i don’t use just any pillow since I usually get a neck pain since i am not getting any good support from my pillow.

Cons: Price.  I have checked different prices of bamboo pillows and this one cost higher than the regular ones but you will get a good justification that the fact that it offers more benefits than what I have tried and seen in the mall.



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