Casual Valentine’s Dates to Perk Up Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day can often be disappointing for couples. There are so many expectations on how the day is supposed to turn out that someone ends up disappointed. If this sounds like you, put your creativity cap on and blow your old celebrations out of the water! Sometimes simple really is the best!

A Bag of Kisses

Whether you’re pairing it with a box of chocolates, this is sure to make both of you smile! On small pieces of paper, write down your favorite types of kisses. Be as silly or creative as you want! Put them all into a red velvet bag and when your relationship needs a little spice, pull a couple out and let the romance flow.

Rose Adventures

Send your special someone a bouquet of flowers–roses, perhaps?–and attach a future date idea to each stem. Even if you can’t get out on Valentine’s Day, you’ll have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Shop with Fresh Flowers for flower delivery in Brisbane and you won’t have to step foot inside a crowded florist.

Head to the Gym

Have you been considering getting into shape as a couple? Grab some free passes for your local gym and sample the classes. You might find a new hobby to share together like rock climbing, and if not, maybe you’ll find something for you. It’s a can’t lose situation, right? The key to a healthy relationship is having individual hobbies, after all!

Pretend You’re college Students Again

Remember those days when you headed out to your local dive bar or corner pub and enjoyed a night of greasy bar food, frosty cold ones, and raucous games of darts? You’re never too old to enjoy that quirky time again. Leave the kids at home, put on your favorite jeans and college hoodie, and revisit your old stomping grounds. You’d be surprised at how many years you shed when you’re haphazardly throwing darts and sloppily tossing down a few beers.

Dream a Little Dream Together

Weekends are prime time for open houses. Join the masses of nosy neighbors and go troll the Saturday open houses that are a bit out of your price range. Dress a little snazzier that you normally would and invent fun stories about your careers and your house aspirations. Sometimes it’s fun to be someone else for a couple of hours!

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the fancy presents or the elaborate romance. When you’re in love, sometimes just spending time together is all you need to spark the romance.

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