Choosing the right infant formula

As a mother, we only want the best for our children. I believe that breastfeeding is still the best milk we can give for our babies but many mother was not blessed to experience the joy of breastfeeding and unfortunately, I was one of them.

As much as i want to advocate the benefits of breastfeeding, don’t you think that I would just sound very hypocrite considering that I have not experienced it on my own. That’s why I envy those mother who even doing extra mile to promote breastfeeding.

breastfeed or formula feed?

So, if you choose to use infant formula to be given to your babies does not mean your being less as a mother. We have free-will and that’s the choice you have made but for my side, it was not a choice but a mere fact that I can’t offer them my own milk.  Now, the big question will be, what is the right infant formula for my baby?

There are many milk that are out on our market today and everybody claims that they are the best. Sometimes we choose our baby’s milk depends as per our pediatrician advice.  It’s nice because they know best but it does not mean that you will just support them all the way.  It is still your budget and your choice.

Make sure that you select a formula with a composition of protein, vitamins and fats, those are components that can be found on mother’s milk.  If your baby was born with lactose intolerance,  there are certain milk formulas provided especially for them,  (you can look for lactofree or sensitive on the label) .

There is a certain disadvantage on having formula feed because you need to use a bottle and the biggest problem that we are encountering today is BPA or bisphenol-A (a toxic chemical). They can be found on plastic bottles so make sure to find  feeding bottles that are BPA free.

Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding has many difference, benefits and disadvantages on both process but what is far more important is the health of our children.


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  1. Very well said sis! I, too, was unable to breastfeed my daughter. I actually wrote a blog post about it:

    Pasensiya na lang for my writing style. I was just starting out as a blogger when I wrote this (my 6th blog entry).

    but if you must know, my Maia (who just turned 3) is now drinking Enfakid A+. I actually do not know if it’s the best brand out there or what. I figured lang that since we started out with the Enfa milk brands, eh di tuloy-tuloyin ko na, right? 🙂

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