Clean up our Earth Together – Ajinomoto’s Advocacy

I’m not a user of Aji’s msg but i do use some of their other products but what makes me more interested is to know the fact that their company has long been doing this advocacy to help our mother nature.

Each year the Ajinomoto Group Smile Earth, a global campaign that unifies their more than 30,000 employees worldwide helps to address environmental issues not just for the betterment of their respective local communities and society but also in order to help preserve our dying environment.

With this simple neighborhood clean up , it can create a big impact and a source of inspiration for other big companies to follow.

ajinomoto smile earth

The Smile Earth program of Ajinomoto Group past projects are Global Warming Education Campaign and Recycle Papers into Lives.

Aside from their Global Citizenship Activities for the future they also aim to create better lives globally by contributing to significant advances in food and health to promote green healthy living.

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