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You might have heard me saying that my favorite room in the house is my wash room but besides that, my next fave room would be our bedroom, since it’s the place where we shared happy memories and pleasant talks.

Bedrooms were built to sleep, relax and create a fun family bonding.  Our bedroom may be small and besides from the time hubby painted them , we never got the chance to decorate it for lack of material time and I was still undecided on what to put on the walls.

Then I got the chance to check out DezignwithaZ, a company that offers appealing Vinyl Wall Art Decals based on designs by young creative and talented Designers from Europe and the US. I fell in love with their beautiful collection of wall decals and wall stickers.  Honestly, i have heard and read something about this with my blogger friends but never get a chance to actually seen one for real.


I imagine a floral wall or modern wall  but that would be too dainty since I have to consider the preference of my two man in the house. Luckily for me, because my husband is always supportive of my faves and listens to my reason.

Winkle Flowers vinyl wall decals

Dezignwithaz is very generous to give me a chance to choose a wall stickers among their collection for reviews,  since  this is the nearest design and would fit our room, I choose to have the  magic children removable stickers in lilac.

Magic Children removable wall stickers

After sometime of waiting, my very own wall decals arrive but I have to decline receiving them since the customs fees is really a pain in the butt.  Good thing, because Paula of Dezign with aZ  is very accommodating and agreed to shoulder back the custom fees.  After two weeks, the long wait is over , i finally have my wall stickers  in my hands and my kids are very excited to finally see them but unfortunately,  hubby is out of town, so we have to wait for another week  for him to put the wall decals. 

So, you could just imagine the waiting and excitement when the stickers were finally cut into pieces and carefully places in our wall. The package comes with a very easy instruction and a Squeegee application tool.

Actually, i thought it was easy but it was also a tedious tasks at first but hubby and I with the little help of our darling Peachy had a fun time putting each stars on the wall.


So, the once gloomy and undesirable wall is now bright and beautiful with the stars and little fairy.

wall stickers

The wall stickers are also removable but we have no plans in the near future to change it since the kids really love them and can’t get enough touching the stars and admire the lovely view.

wall stickers








So, if you are thinking of creating a unique expressions in your room, look no further , visit Dezign with aZ and you will surely find a lot of ideas to put on your rooms, whether it was in your home or office, they have a vast collections of designs to choose from and with affordable prices that you would truly adore. 

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  1. I love the outcome of your wall decals mommy, I think the pink wall make it more real and pretty! Your kids surely loved it!

  2. Oh I like the removable wall stickers for my daughter’s bedroom. Very pretty!

  3. oh , the wall decalls looks fantastic. it really brings bare walls to life!

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful website. I so love their designs. I think it’s a nice DIY idea in beautifying a room at home.

  5. aawwwww those are pretty decals. i would love to customize our kids bedroom when we have our own dream house in the future

  6. Love this design, you can tell that your dearies really love it.

  7. jared's mum says

    i won a voucher for design with a Z + i cannot wait to use them, am just having second thoughts since the voucher won’t cover for shipping + custom fees! hopefully i can find a way to order somehow + let my little man enjoy this prize. am eyeing the chalkboard designed wall decals!

    that one you’ve got is lovely, too! ^_^

  8. I love it but that won’t stick in our walls sayang – rough finish kasi walls namin.

  9. Gven-Rose says

    beautiful choices.. i like the winkle flowers and the angel

  10. Design with a Z is really great products.. Actually I’m planning to purchase wall decal after I tried on their product

  11. ohh cool i would love to check this because i love decorating stuff and being crafty! Thanks for this!

  12. Kathy flanagan says

    my granddaughter loves ferries.She would love to have these decals on her bedroom wall.

  13. I love the wall stickers. It is great for kids because as they grow its easy to change their room

  14. naomi crossnoe says

    Love the wall clings! So much you can do

  15. Rebecca Xavier says

    These are nice. I love how they are removable.

  16. Karen Glatt says

    What a wonderful site to get Wall art to decorate my home. I think wall art really helps make a room look fancy and gives it a cheerful look!

  17. Diana Stanhope says

    That came out fantastic!! I love wall decals.

  18. I’ve always been leery of wall decals because I was concerned they were difficult to apply. These look so easy!

  19. Nicole Becker says

    These look so easy to apply!! And they are too cute. I would love to decorate my grannddaughter’s bedroom with some of these cute stickers.

  20. Amanda Meier says

    Sounds like an easy way to make a big impact on a room. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Cathy Thomas says

    Very nice and removable designs

  22. These decals are great! They really let the child be creative with the design they choose.

  23. Pam Tillman says

    I’ve seen these designs on walls before and they can really make a design theme come alive!

  24. judy sizemore says

    i love your web sight

  25. Andrea B Cofman says

    I Like the idea of removable and replace. It gives the creative mind a new idea every time!! =)

  26. jennifer wexler says

    these look so cute and really dresses up a room

  27. Colleen Schilinski says

    This sure is adorable. Wish they had this type of thing when I was a kid, or even when my kids were younger.

  28. Susan Johnson says

    I really like the wide variety of designs and types of materials used for the decals- I especially like the mirrors and glow in the dark decals.

  29. DG Middendorf says

    These are AMAZING!! I love how they bring life to a room.

  30. Tony Hoyer says

    very nice n pretty

  31. Cyndi King says

    Love the clings, so many ways to decorate…..

  32. My house recently caught on fire and we are trying to remodel on a skimpy budget. The art you showed looks like a great idea to try. Thank you so much.

  33. Krista Grandstaff says

    I think that this is a wonderful idea…and I love that it doesn’t involve more paint…I’ve been really trying to keep a lot of the fumes in the house to a minimum… although, I do wonder about the vinyl that these are made with?

  34. Lisa Burke Cook says

    I LOVE wall decays, I wish they had these when my children were younger as I would loved to do their rooms with them but I guess once I have grand children I can 🙂

  35. Peggy Greco says

    These would bring a room much charm and whimsy.

  36. these decals are great and you can decorte a room and make it so cute

  37. Love the Winkle ones very cute would really dress up a room.

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