Creating your own Indoor Garden

I so love to have a garden.  For me, having a garden means a place of breath of life.  If you live in a city, having a garden would be somehow difficult, one, because there is a limited place to create a garden and some subdivision and condo does not have a place to cater for your garden.  So, an indoor garden would be a perfect design and to give you pleasures to see a greener shade  in your abode.

All you need is a perfect idea and the right plants to begin with.  There are lots of plants that are good for indoor and it can add freshness and vibrant appeal in just any home.

Flowers and plants is the basic decorations in an indoor garden but did you know that you can also grow some organic small vegetables in the comfort of your home.

Avenue Plaza Hotel Indoor garden

To begin your indoor garden, all you need is just a small space to place your plants, add them with small rocks or pebbles perhaps to beautify them.  Rocks in different sizes and form can be a great addition and of course, make sure to choose plants or flowers that don’t need too much sunlight. Make sure to water them once in a while.  Plant selection is important but also choosing the right container would benefit the uniqueness and creativeness of your green indoor garden.

Make the most of your ideas, let your creative juices flow and I know you will surely enjoy a beautiful day viewing your indoor green garden.


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  1. The drawback of living in condos is you’re not able to have your own garden because of limited space. That is my dilemma.

  2. I will definitely create a green garden at home when we move to our new home. I wish that we could make it next year.

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