Delezhen Handmade Collection

personalized handmade jewelry


I always love handmade products. I believe that the outcome product is not just beautiful but created with passion and each pieces uniquely show the emotions of the creator.

Delezhen handmade collection is one proof that when you put your heart on what you do, you will create beautiful pieces.

handmade personalized jewelry

Masha Lezhen, the creator and designer behind Delezhen are full of passion and just like the blogger behind this blog is obsessed with the beauty of nature.  All the pieces and colors  she created are inspired by nature and it’s beautiful symmetries and asymmetries.  Birthstones have special meanings with people, that’s why she chooses to work on it , each stones tell a very unique beautiful biographical story of the wearer.  Since stones came from nature, each accessories created from it are unique.

unique handcrafted accessories

This unique handcrafted accessory is a constant reminder of the beauty of nature. The leaf pendant makes it more special and a great piece to give as a gift to a very special people in your life.

Visit her Etsy shop to learn more about her handmade personalized jewelry.  She has many accessories to choose from.  Great as a gift or a memento for weddings and birthdays.

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