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 They say that when we were born we are connected to a force and the nature around us does we have our equivalent zodiac sign as well as birthstones.  Birthstones origin were believed to be originated during the time of Aaron representing tribes of Israel.  The birthstones we knew today were created as symbol and for some it’s a guide and lucky talisman with healing or making our life happy and fruitful.

I for one believe in the benefits of this stones.  I know that because it comes from the earth, it has a power to attract positive vibes and who wouldn’t want such good riddance?

I was born in February and amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom, Amethyst also  helps overcome fears and cravings. It also helps relieve headaches.

With my love of handmade creation, I chance upon Delezhen Handmade Jewelry collection in Etsy.  Masha, the owner is a passionate and very accommodating lady who creates handmade accessories that you would surely love.  Her creation of birth stone necklace is indeed lovely and interesting too.


This amethyst necklace comes with a 16k gold plated hand stamped leaves which can be personalized with your own initial, mine is RIA since it’s my nickname but you can choose to have up to four initials.  The stone is bezel set in 925 Sterling silver with a heavy layer of 18k gold.  It was also  wrapped in a Delezhen branded box.

I love it’s simplicity and creativeness and most of all, it’s really eye catching and truly worth keeping.  It looks like the vintage piece of jewelry my grand mother gave me, very eloquent and piece of heirloom that can be preserve for a long time.   A piece of jewelry that will not lose its beauty even with everyday use, something you can even pass to your own daughter.

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It’s a perfect gift for someone so dear to you, perhaps your mother, your daughter or your best buddy. Or perhaps if your about to get married, this is a beautiful gift for your bridesmaid or even your entire entourage if you can afford it.

 The necklace comes in gold and silver and has a chain that has a pearl near the clasp which added more beauty.

Buy them here:

If your looking for high quality and beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry,  head on today at Delezhen Etsy Shop. If your a fan of their Facebook page, you can receive a 10% OFF Coupon Code .

Get them for free: 

Now, here’s the best part.  Delezhen is very generous to offer my lovely readers a chance to get their very own birthstone necklace with your own initial hand stamped on the pretty leaves.


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Delezhen Handmade Necklace Giveaway
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  1. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I love birthstone jewelry!! Especially when buying a gift for someone. Even if they aren’t into astrology or stone meanings/energies most people like having a piece with their birthstone in it.
    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway, the jewelry is beautiful

  2. I love these necklaces!! They are so beautiful and simple!

  3. I am a huge fan of Delezhen! I got married almost 2 years ago and fitted each of my bridesmaids with unique stone necklaces from Delezhen- all equally gorgeous! They all came in cute individual boxes so I didnt have to do any extra work. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

  4. Jane Ritz says

    I love birthstones. They express a bit of who you are. I think that they all are beautiful.

  5. Andrea Jenkins says

    I love Delezhen !!!! I have bought many beautiful items from her esty account. I especially love the Sapphire items <3

  6. All of these are beautiful necklaces, and I love the significance of having a particular stone due to its energies.

  7. the purple one is my and my daughter

  8. ANNAMARIA says

    youre necklaces are so unique and very pretty work:-)

  9. Rebecca Xavier says

    Birthstones can vary in color. It is interesting to find out how they can help one’s health.

  10. Robin Wilson says

    Their stones are stunning as is all their pieces on their Etsy shop. I appreciate you bringing me this fantastic jeweler!!

  11. very nice, love wearing my birthstone, and lots of other stones too. :0)

  12. mannysgrammy says

    I’ve found myself very drawn to #24, the GREEN ONYX. I said if I was ever loved, I’d want my ring to be in this stone, just beautiful!

  13. Blessie Nelson says

    Are these real precious gemstones? I love your designs!

  14. These are beautiful. I wish I had discovered Delezhen years ago! I love having handmade jewelry that means something special to me. Maybe it represents someone’s birth month or a special day, but each piece reminds me of a great memory. So special.

  15. PEGGY WATT says

    love all they are so pretty but the green onyx really caught my eye!!

  16. Birthstones are personal to me indicating not only the month I was born but its an actual beautiful gem. Love them. Delezhan has some beautiful gems.

  17. Michelle Washburn says

    I absolutely love what I see! With gemstones to boot!

  18. Lyndsey Allen says

    I actually bought my mom this necklace last year when my baby was born, with my initial and my daughter’s initial. It is so beautiful and my mom loves it so much! Personalized jelewry like this are so special and I would love to have a matching necklace!

  19. jennytheartist says

    i would own every piece of Delezhan’s jewelry if i could afford it!

  20. Christine Cassa says

    Masha makes GORGEOUS jewelry!!! Love her!

  21. I bought this for my sister’s 40th bday. I have 3 sisters, so we had it made with all 4 of our initials. She loved it and it was gorgeous!!!

  22. Carolyn Phan says

    Delezhen creates the most beautiful handmade jewelry. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Sylvia Zajis says

    I am a big fan of all things it stones, initials, zodiac signs, and the like. I feel they help us relate to who we are each day and do have some healing powers as well. Nice review, I will check out their products.

  24. Marina Ivanova says

    I’m a huge fan!

  25. 2955nurse says

    What a beautiful selection! I pinned one of my favs, so I can (hopefully!) purchase later! Great review, thanks!

  26. Very pretty! Really in love with them <3

  27. Peggy Greco says

    i have always liked colors, history, and qualities of birthstone gems.

  28. pamela resendiz says

    i love #20 , even tho my birthstone is ruby

  29. Sandy McFadden says

    I love my birthstone it is a Opal but with Opals being so sensitive to heat or cold I understand why some jewelers use different stones for my birthstone. You have some beautiful gems Delezhan

  30. Anna Forgetmenotka says

    I’m in love with these birthstones! Deep and light colors are very beautiful, all! So beautiful that I can’t choose one of them!))

  31. I love birthstones…they are beautiful and they have special meaning to those who wear them 🙂

  32. Christine says

    I love m birthstone, peridot. It’s such a different color for jewelry I love wearing it. 🙂

  33. Kayleen Considine says

    Beautiful jewelry. I really like simple and classy jewelry.

  34. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    This jewelry is beautiful and I especially love that natural stones are used instead of typical birthstones

  35. I love it 🙂

  36. Holly Thomas says

    I love Birthstones, mine is Garnet and i own a lot of Garnet jewelry!!

  37. Birthstones are just so special to me. Growing up as kids we knew what stone was ours when mom wore her necklace, and we just got so excited!

  38. I have never seen a more beautiful collection of birthstone jewelry I love the selection for May

  39. Pamela Halligan says

    I like wearing birthstone jewelry and giving birthstone jewelry. It’s such a personal gift.


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