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Hubsche Medical shoes for kids

When buying your kids shoes, what qualities do you look for in a shoes?

Although, the appearance and affordability is important to me, the first and foremost quality that I look when buying my kid’s shoes is comfort.  Since they have little feet, I understand that shoes should be comfortable and would not strain his small fragile feet.

If your a mother who is very particular on your kids comfort, Hubsche medical shoes is something you should try.  It’s the first time, i have seen and felt a shoes  for kids that is so soft and designed to aid the physical development of their feet.

Hubsche shoes, a german shoe brand has a natural soybean fiber insole which is very light and the structure is created to prevent swelling and foot pain which  causes uneasiness to children especially after a long walk. They are design to help little feet develop and form properly.


Natural Soybean fiber insole – soft, light weight, wicks moisture well- in hibits grown of bacteria inside the shoes

Our feet is one of the most abused part of our body especially for those who loves to walk for a long hours.   Adults experience painful and sore feet after a tiring walk, sometimes my feet also numb, so the thought of sore feet for my children is something I would not want them to experience.

Medical shoes like what Designer Kids offers can help prevent foot ailments and making kids enjoy a long walk. You can see that Ritz really love it.

Ritz on Hubsche medical function shoes

Ritz on Hubsche medical function shoes

Check out Designer Kids Facebook page to learn about medical shoes like Hubsce, Ginobie ,Dersur , Sooth and the like.  They are the sole distributor in the Philippines offering this medical function shoes for kids.

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