Despite Trend Towards Solar, Consumers Need to be Realistic

The production of energy from solar power is rising around the world, because its efficiency has proved to be one of the most affordable sources of electricity. Year after year, Germany reported new records in generation of solar power. However, Europe is not the only leading solar energy producer anymore: China and Japan have already surpassed Germany in terms of total installed photovoltaic capacity.
The PV industry has retained its place as the fastest growing industry, and its products are in high demand worldwide. This has also raised the level of quality PV production machinery and monitoring equipment that performs with PV metrology with high accuracy and in real time.

For consumers, there are many reasons for the installation of solar panels at home, for example environmental, to decrease fossil fuel emissions, and financial, to save on electric bills and receive tax credits along with other incentives.

However, many of us still have unrealistic expectations when it comes to solar panels. First of all, one cannot yet rely or plan on storing large amounts of energy in batteries. Another unrealistic expectation is to be independent of the grid during power outages. Your inverter will shut your power down automatically when power outage happens. If you do want to be really independent, power generators are your best option. Having realistic expectations is what you need before you install solar panels on your roof and be part of the worldwide trend towards renewable power generation.

Going solar can be very rewarding to your wallet
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