Done in a Day: Fast and Affordable Ways to Give Your Home the Wow Factor

You don’t have a lot of money to spend on fixing up the home. But, the way things are now, it’s looking pretty drab. You need to do something, but what? Thankfully, there are many fast and affordable ways to give your home the “wow” factor without causing a “wow” factor in your bank account.

Painting The Closets

Painting the closets can be fun and it can add a new dimension to your bedroom, especially if you have a generous walk-in. While many insurance companies won’t compensate you for troubles if something goes wrong in here (other than water damage or normal perils, if covered), companies like Choice Home Warranty might. So, you can paint, decorate, and turn the closet into a dressing room – an experience – without worrying about whether it’s really worth the hassle.

Hanging a Wind Chime

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Wind Chimes are novel ideas, and they can really add a touch of elegance to the house if done right. Place one near a window so you can open up the house, let some fresh air in, and listen to the chime while you’re relaxing. Some people get really serious about the chime thing and make custom chandeliers that make noise when the wind hits them. Get as fancy or simplistic as you want.

Spruce Up The Fireplace

What are your hobbies? Do you like seashells? Windmills? Lighthouses? All of these things can be used to spruce up the fireplace mantle. Create a theme and go with it. If your mantle is large enough, it could become a centerpiece for the livingroom.

Minimalize The Window Treatments

You don’t have to go bare, but minimalize the treatments on the windows. Use something small and elegant, like a half shade or a long window topper or valance. That may be all you need – especially on large windows. If you have newer windows that have Low-E coating on them, you probably don’t need additional UV protection and it will declutter the livingroom and allow more light in the home.

Bring The Garden Inside

Ever see those indoor gardens on Pinterest and Facebook? They look amazing, don’t they? Well, they’re not difficult to pull off. You just have to have a plan for them. Make a basic potting plan, and decide whether you will hang everything on the wall, in an old bookcase, or whether you’ll bring a pallet inside and try to keep your garden contained somehow that way.

Another idea is to just leave the garden outside, and then cut off snips of flowers and bring those indoors. They can be used to freshen up the bedroom, bathroom, or any other room that feels like it needs a touch of nature.

Use Vintage Stuff

Vintage accessories that are hauled inside make almost any room look 30 percent cooler. For example, if your bathroom, you could use a garden urn or a Pan fountain as the bathroom sink instead of more traditional options. It looks rustic, and the one-off nature of this type of stuff will make your home unique – a good selling proposition if you ever decide to move.

Katy Butler likes to work on her home every weekend. During the week, she writes about her remodeling adventures, so others can learn by them.

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