Don’t Let Your Dirty Bathrooms Become Office Gossip

Don’t let your dirty bathrooms become office gossip. The state of the office washroom says quite a bit about the workplace and its culture in short order. Office staff and visitors may form opinions about a company’s orientation to detail after a washroom visit, so it is essential that the office bathroom says everything you want it to say. By engaging washroom services , the office washroom will announce “Everything in this office is sparkling clean!”

Immaculately clean washrooms are never gossiped about. No one will ask, “When was this washroom last cleaned?” Thoroughly tidy, sanitary bathrooms at the office will always pass the white glove test. According to the authors of “Changing Australia,” basic cleanliness in the work place is an essential, non-negotiable requirement of most employees.

Washroom hygiene

Professional cleaners receive specialized training to meet each client’s high expectations: they thoroughly clean the premises, to the exact and particular standards established by each client. The result: washroom services leaves the office bathrooms amazingly clean and fresh.

Washroom horror stories

Almost everybody has suffered a visit to a really dirty office washroom at least once. A frankly disgusting bathroom erases the sense of human comfort, no matter how posh the external office surroundings. Smart businesses understand that making a good first impression, even in the washroom, supports the business or organisation.

Health & safety compliance

In fact, the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association found that office hygiene is a basic requirement for several reasons: more than 70 percent of employees say that a dirty work place is a potentially unsafe work place. Because good hygiene and safety go hand-in-hand with employees’ basic concerns, it is important for business owners to offer a healthy, clean, and sanitary environment at all times.

A clean washroom also encourages employees to wash their hands as required. So many viral and bacterial infections spread in the work place when proper hand washing practices are not maintained. Employee sick days cost the business money, whilst keeping customers healthy is a best practice for any successful enterprise.

Positive impressions

There is no doubt that a pristine, gleaming washroom is more than a place people must visit several times a day. Visitors, customers, vendors, family members, and other friends of the company receive a subtle but positive message from clean facilities.

Earth-friendly hygiene and green living

Good bathroom hygiene ideally combines with green appliances. For example, waterless urinals are especially resource-conservative and earth-friendly. Employees are others see the employer’s commitment to sanitation, green living and practices.

Washroom services  also makes sure that clients’ bathrooms are properly supplied with all the necessary environmentally-supportive supplies, including soaps, hand towels (or bathroom dryers), air cleaners or scented fresheners, and toilet tissue. A clean washroom lends an aura of comfort (and even professionalism) to office staff and visitors.

Sanitary ladies washroom

The National Science Survey determined that many women experience profound discomfort when visiting a ladies washroom at work or leisure. When a ladies washroom does not provide basic disposal facilities and supplies a woman requires, she is likely to form a poor impression of that business or recreational facility.

For that reason, it is important to offer sanitary disposal in the work place washroom: WC sanitisers, and toilet seat wipes offer ready cleanliness and comfort. These seemingly small provisions help female employees, visitors, interns, and customers feel completely at ease. The hire of an eco-friendly disposal service permanently removes management’s concerns about sanitary waste disposal and bin maintenance.

Flexible, affordable, perfectly clean bathrooms

Every client is different. By engaging flexible, cost-effective services that meet varying organisational needs and objectives, clients’ washrooms are never the source of idle office gossip.

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