Dreaming of Summer in Fall: Eco Swim by Aqua Green

I have the vision of beautiful sand, a bright sunny day experiencing the warmth of the wind and the a light cozy breeze coming from the sea. Although I love Fall and its beautiful falling leaves, i definitely like summer and the fun things I can do with kids during that time.

One of the most essential things I have during summer is sunscreen and swimsuits.  I have a few sets to choose from when the needs arises.  Although, i love playing with colors, i always keep my swimsuit in minimal prints and sometimes just black and white to hide those you know what. (extra bulge on my sides)

Recently, while browsing the net, i got the chance to check out Eco Swim  by Aqua Green. I love the simple yet fashionable designs they have and what interest more is the fact that they are one of the companies that believe on reducing your carbon footprint.

I get to choose the style I want and yes, this one looks really lovely to me but keeps me wondering if I would be lovely wearing them?

What I love about Eco Swim is the fact that their products are Made in the USA which reduces the use of fossil fuel up to 96.9%.  They believe that having  to source locally will not only have a positive impact, but is socially responsible since it reduces energy for travel. Eco-friendly products are growing in numbers but there are only few eco-friendly swimwear that can meet the standards of being tag as

Their products comes from recycled fabric derived from post consumer waste, such as recycled water bottles and plastic bags. The fabrics are made from recycled nylon, polyester and cotton and achieving fashionable hi-quality swimwear.


They developed the first recycled warp knit and circular knit fabrics in the swim industry that was introduced in their 2013 Cruise Collection. They even introduced recycled fabrics from renewable sources such as coffee grinds and corn. (I’m not entirely new on this facts since I have an eco-friendly watch (previously featured and reviewed on this site) which also came from corn resin.

The best part about this eco swim is knowing that the dye used on this product comes from  state of the art machinery resulting in less energy consumption than old fashioned dying machines. The company  ascribe to the strict Oeko- Tex standards which ensures the dyes are safe by limiting the use of harmful substances.  (Dyes are highly toxic and many consumers are not aware of it)

A friend told me before that keeping up with sustainable and eco-friendly products comes with a high price but if you look at it with an open mind and broad perspective , you will be surprised that they are affordable and within reach on your budget.


I just love this pretty white bow on the side which makes the whole swimsuit fashionable.

About Eco Swim:

Eco Swim by Aqua Green is where sustainability meets cutting edge design in the swim industry. We strive to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear, therefore reducing our carbon footprint in the sand. We’ve come a long way, and with every sunrise we try harder.

Eco Swim by Aqua Green is available on this following stores, Norstrom, Dillards, Macys, Everything but Water, Aqua Beachwear, Sundance and recently, i also see them at 6PM.  To know more about their products, follow them on Facebook.

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