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earth day everyday with mustela


Earth day only comes once a  year but with Mustela, who is committed on giving health and happiness for our future generation it’s every day Earth Day.   Known to be a leading baby brand in Europe , Mustela has been making waves in the worldwide market, reaching from the south and north of the world because of the fact that they are not just striving and giving effort to provide the best skincare products but also in making sure that they are protecting our Mother Earth which is far more important than anything else.

Giving the best skin care product while working to minimize it’s effect on our environment. Their Mustela® Bébé and Mustela® 9 Months products were reformulated to be free of parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol;

  • Mustela® Bébé products contain an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin
  • o   Avocado Perseose® is created using avocados that are grown in accordance with good environmental practices and come with traceability guarantees
  •  100% of Mustela® bottles are recyclable                

We have been using the Mustela Baby Shampoo for my little boy for quite sometimes and yes, i love it’s mild scent and the fact that it’s very gentle to my kids skin gives me a peaceful mind plus the extra bonus of the fact that Mustela is gearing to give a more eco-friendly products to their consumer makes me smile more.

Since my baby is prone to skin problems and rashes, it’s good to know that we can always turn to Mustela to help them always protected.  So, if you are looking for skin care products for your kids and your skin as well, look no further since Mustela offers a wide range of skin care products that helps you stay soft and smooth always while keeping your skin protected on harsh ingredients.  Check out today and see it for yourself. 

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