Earth Day Everyday

April 22, 2012, Philippines

Today as we celebrate the day dedicated to our Mother Earth, let us reminisce the things we have done for her, to protect, care and love our surroundings especially the God given nature that we are supposed to protect.

proud eco mom for earth day 2012

Earth Day 2012

May this day be our guide and a start for us to remind ourselves that although Earth day was only celebrated once a year, efforts to protect our Mother Earth is badly needed the whole year round and without our pledge to do so, the passion of people who have worked hard to make a greener living would be futile.

“What did you do this Earth Day?  Did you participate on the recent run/walk to save our Mother Earth? Or have you joined a tree planting or you just stayed at home watched a great movie with regards to save our environment.
For us, what better way to celebrate Earth Day 2012 than going to  a mountain hike to appreciate the beauty of nature.  Come back again to know the details of our nature hike. “

 How about you? What have you done ? Share your ideas!  Make earth day everyday

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  1. I ove the green hat Sis 🙂 looks cute on you 🙂 Usually, my husband will go in the woods and trim some branches so the deer will have a nice trail to walk. Dropping by from GM

  2. I was at home planting and transplanting plants in our garden. Busy gardening season for us. 🙂 And I am still not done. Lots of things to do. 🙂 Beautiful photo of you and the place.

  3. jared's mum says

    i would’ve loved for me + the little man to go on a hike like you did, maybe when he is a bit bigger we will! 🙂

    sorry if i haven’t been joining much, but hopefully this will be the start of my regular posts here 🙂

    belated happy earth day, mare!

  4. Excellent portrait, yes, the Earth must be protected at all times.


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