Earth Friendly Coffee Habits

I’m a certified coffee addict.  Yes, i won’t last a day without taking at least one but sometimes, if I wanted to make my mind at ease, i didn’t notice that i was able to consume up to five coffee which yes, i believe that is bad for my health considering the excessive intake.

Did you know that demand for cheap coffee has resulted for clearing of rain forests as well as natural habitats and the use of chemicals and pesticides have increased over the period of time.  With the awareness of helping our environment, there are many associations and coffee grain producers which are using  earth friendly and organic coffee production.   Although, having an organic coffee means an extra amount of money to be used considering that you need to prepare  an extra and utmost care of keeping your coffee chemical free.

But because buying organic coffee is much higher, many have been supporting fair trade , which is also  produced using environmentally sustainable methods and processed in such a eco-friendly ways.

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Most Fair Trade Coffees are organically grown, but not all organics are Fair Traded.  That fact confused me somehow so the answer goes like this.

We all know that many years farmers have been growing coffee organically.  How?  Because many farmers are still living in the mountains or are still with closed intact, many have been using their old methods of growing coffee which are free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides.  This traditional ways are promoting the use of shade trees, composting, and inter-planting of other food and cash crops along with coffee and this kind of farmers are now with the help of organizations which gives certification for those earth friendly method. And we can assure that this farmers have been paid well for their job.

If your thinking of finding a fair trade coffee, you don’t need to  look further.  There are many suppliers and coffee shops that offer and sell fair trade coffee , one of which is Star Bucks, Mc Donalds and Dunkin Donuts.

What other things you can do to go green?

Millions are coffee drinkers and with this used coffee cups it can also produced millions of used cups.  ( I just hope that this cups came from recycled materials or recyclable perhaps) so it is always better to do your own coffee and bring it using your own coffee thermos or cup. You can bring it everywhere and you can have your coffee break anytime of the day you wished to have.

Another way is to manually hand grind your coffee;

I have always wanted to have a coffee maker but for some reason, i was not able to have one but just thinking of the amount of electricity that i can consume by using making me realize that it was a good idea for not buying one. But if you really want a grind coffee there is always , there is a manual hand grind that you can find in the net or perhaps on your local mall.  This kind of grinder can save you electricity and a good hand exercise too.

Another idea is not to throw your coffee grounds.  Coffee grounds are very helpful fertilizer for your favorite flowers or plants.  You can learn about coffee grounds recycling on my other post. What about your earth friendly coffee habits, share them with us.

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